Jan. 8th, 2011

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I finished series five of the new Doctor Who today-- and after watching "Vincent and the Doctor" last night, I... legit cannot stop thinking about how awesome it was (a few people on Plurk can attest to this). It's a time-travel episode in which the main characters go back and meet Vincent Van Gogh-- and the last few minutes even made my mom cry, and she isn't a fan of sci-fi and thus doesn't watch the show. I've been trying to find a link just to that bit so I can post it here, but no cigar.

While I did really like the metaphor of the entire plot (and I also loved the scene where Amy, Vincent, and the Doctor are lying on the grass and the sky above them transforms into his painting The Starry Night), I won't describe the entire episode because really, what made it for me was the ending. After spending time living with, getting to know, and becoming close to Van Gogh, and seeing just how misunderstood and pushed aside he was in his own time, the Doctor and his current companion bring him onto the TARDIS and take him to 2010's Musée d'Orsay... where there's an exhibition of all his paintings, finally being viewed and appreciated. They talk to a tour guide, who says that he believes that Van Gogh is not only the best artist of all time, but one of the best people of all time-- and Vincent just starts crying. Looking around at reviews online, there's definitely a segment of the fandom that thought the scene was overly sappy, but... I don't know. There was just something so incredibly moving about it for me. And like I said, I cannot. Get it out. Of my head. It's something that really would be wonderful to be able to do in real life-- take historical figures who were particularly tortured or unjustly maligned, and bring them into the future to say, "Look! See! We appreciate you! No matter what happened to you in your time, you weren't forgotten, and now you're going to be loved forever."

Definitely my favorite episode of the series-- old and new. Even better than "Midnight"... just for that ending.

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