Apr. 1st, 2011

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Okay, so it's the end of my first day, and I have literally no idea where we are right now. The last station I was aware of was Albany-Rensselaer in New York, but like I was telling [livejournal.com profile] rinhriveiel over Facebook, there aren't exactly road signs along train routes (unfortunately; it'd be really handy if there were!).

Pictures of today are somewhat boring from my POV, mostly because we're still in the northeast and it's all really similar to the stuff I see at home every day-- but I'm posting them anyway. There are a few from inside the train too, but not many yet. I'll take more on the bigger train (the Superliner) I'll be on tomorrow.

image-heavy! )

For the most part, today has been pretty much just sitting and looking at stuff out the window. The food's good; at dinner, I sat with a woman and we talked a loooooooot about animals and other things (but mostly animals), which was really fun. We exchanged email addresses so that we can send each other pictures of the different legs of our journeys (she's going to Dallas after we get to Chicago, and I'll be on my way to California). We also talked a little bit about family, and I felt like I sounded like a pathological liar when I got into some of our stuff ("my dad speaks Chinese, Russian, and Bulgarian and my mom speaks French and Bulgarian and also she used to work for the CIA!"), BECAUSE IT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS AND MADE-UP EVEN THOUGH IT'S TRUE.

Anyway, I'm up way past the time I was planning to be, so I'll post this and get off now. Tomorrow I'll get into Chicago at 9:45, see [livejournal.com profile] jeannette, and then head off on the California Zephyr at two!

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