Oct. 31st, 2011

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Another slow day today! It's Sunday, so the buses were on a reduced schedule. In the morning, I went down to an area called Grandi to Elko Electronics, where I hoped I'd be able to get a memory card reader so I could transfer my pictures to my laptop. And surprise, I got one! It took a while to get back because I couldn't figure out what exactly the Sunday bus schedule was, but I went back into the store and they let me use a computer to check the bus website and figure it out. (Apparently the Sunday schedules are the same as the holiday schedules, but they don't say that on the signs posted near the bus stops or on the brochures.)

Can I just say that I love the Reykjavík public bus system? It's all very well-organized, and even though the route maps and such are all in Icelandic, they're still fairly easy to read and figure out. The drivers I've encountered have also all been very nice and helpful; if I'm not sure what stop I need or what bus to catch, they've always either had an answer for me or been able to radio someone else and ask them.

Anyway, after that, I went back to the hostel to check and see if the memory card reader worked, and it did! So here are my pictures from the past two days before I jump into today.

image-heavy! )

And that was basically it-- I got back to the hostel a little earlier than usual and just did some stuff here (the northern lights tour was cancelled again!). And now I'm tired so I'm going to finish this up and go to bed.

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