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Maybe for the rest of my entries I'll just do them the day after, so that I don't have to think about saying up late to write them up.

Yesterday was a fairly light day, to make up for the previous two days and also today. I took a bus to Hlemmur (where I needed to switch to another bus to get to where I wanted to go anyway), and had lunch at a pizza place near there-- it was called DeVito's, I think. Good, but huuuuuuge slices. One could have been cut in half and it still would have been two big ones!

I feel like I've taken this picture more than once.

I headed up to Perlan, one of the buildings I mentioned before-- it was mainly just for hot water storage, but now it also has a museum, a few restaurants, an observation deck, and an exhibition area. I took this picture walking up to it from the bus stop.

Almost there!

It's at the top of a big hill itself, so I got a few shots of the surrounding city before even going inside.

These sculptures were outside the main entrance; I think they're supposed to be people playing instruments.


The first thing I did was visit the Sögusafnið (the Saga Museum), which was in one of the water storage drums. At the entrance they gave you an audio player and headphones, so you could listen to explanations of the exhibits as well as read about them. There was one video to watch at the end (mostly about modern-day Icelanders and their relationship with their country's past), but the majority of the museum was filled with models depicting various important scenes from throughout Icelandic history.

This wasn't part of the museum; it was a statue near the door.

Next I went up to the observation deck (I went outside, then immediately rushed back in to put on my coat-- the wind up there made it freezing!). I got a bunch of pictures from up there.

Reykjavík Airport, for domestic flights or flights from some other areas of Europe/Greenland.

And back inside. This was a fountain made to look and act like a geyser (they really like their geysers in Iceland). It went off every few minutes.

There were a lot of hiking paths in the woods around the area, so I decided to check them out before it got too dark.

Another geyser model. I didn't see this one go off.

Eventually I went back inside, and had dinner in the Perlan's cafeteria (there's a restaurant too, but it's very fancy and requires reservations). And yes, that means what you think it does: I didn't go to that Thai restaurant at all on Day 6.

An evening view from the observation deck.

More fooling around with my camera's sunset mode.

On the way down to the bus stop. I took this picture over and over again, but I could never get it to be anything but blurry; I have no idea why.

The bus ride back to the bus terminal was cool because of how long it took-- we went in and around a lot of the city outskirts that I hadn't had a chance to explore much. It took about forty-five minutes in total, and when we finally got to Hlemmur I just saw the bus I wanted back to the hostel pulling away. At least I could wait inside for the next one to come!

So, like I said, slow day. Today's entry will likely come tomorrow!
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