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OH HEY REMEMBER ME? I completely checked out on putting up an entry about my last day in Iceland. Granted, I pretty much got up and then went straight to the airport, so this is mostly going to be an excuse to show off pictures of Greenland and Canada that I took from the plane.

So, like I said, I didn't do much in the morning because I wanted to be sure to get to the airport really early. I took a few more pictures of the hostel before leaving:

My bed was the upper left bunk (the upper right in the next picture).

One of the lounge rooms-- the one with the pull-down projector screen that people watched movies on, and the one where the high school kids had their party.

After checking out, I took the bus to BSÍ...

... and bought a Flybus ticket to Keflavík, then had lunch at the little cafe there while waiting for the bus to come. The 45-minute bus ride was pretty cool-- unlike the trip from Keflavík, it wasn't dark out, so I got to see more scenery.

At the airport I checked my baggage and sat around the terminal for a while until they were ready to let us into the gate area. I just read (The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel, by Maureen Lindley). It was pretty deserted-- there were a few other passengers, but not many. I did see the other guy who had taken the Super Jeep tour with me, though-- we talked for a bit, but then when we were let into the gates we went into different ones.

More sitting around! More reading. Also, eating popcorn. Then they let us onto the plane, and the real fun began.

Greenland! You'll be seeing a lot of this.

This is pretty much the worst picture I've ever taken.

Clouds, not glaciers!

Our route tracker! This was actually pretty cool. The one on the seatback in front of me on the way to Iceland didn't work well, so this was really the first time I got to do stuff with it.

Also clouds.

The first little bits of Canada-- Newfoundland and Labrador.

There was a lot of frost on the windows.


This is the provence of Québec, most likely!

And that's all! After getting into Logan I fooled around for a while waiting to be picked up (there was a cool kinetic sculpture near the baggage checks that amused me for a while). Then we went to IHOP and I regaled my parents with stories. Whoooo.

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