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May. 4th, 2009 02:00 am
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Almost two years ago, I decided to go and either flock or privatize every entry in this journal. Tonight I decided that privacy is overrated, and started the process of unlocking most of the flocked entries, just because I don't really see the purpose of bothering to lock things that aren't really personal or tl;dr or whatever. To be honest, I don't know why I decided to make everything private in the first place, but I think it had something to do with the fact that I was sixteen and stupid and unable to grasp the concept of making some entries private and other entries public.

In short, I'm back to pretending to ENTERTAIN THE WORLD with this journal, OMGYAY. Then again, it's really late right now. This might be one of those ideas that sounds awesome at 2AM but will make me go "OH GOD SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING" tomorrow. OH WELL.

Also: DDD. I am way too amused by that place. I don't know why, but the idea of Azula and Ty Lee having a discussion about the movie Titanic will never NOT be funny.
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lolwut. )
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Okay, so you know how I go on about how Safari is my favorite browser and how I've always found Firefox kind of meh? Disregard that; I'm kind of using Firefox exclusively now (at least for LJ stuff) because of LJLogin. Which is amazing. I wish I had bothered to try it out sooner, it would have saved me SO much trouble.

... I have three memes; this is definitely not a waste of my time. I was tagged to do these forever ago by [ profile] fire_lord_azula (who gave me Ty Lee) and [ profile] pushpushlady (who gave me Azula). OF COURSE I'm just getting around to it now.



Animation meme )

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So this is pretty much [ profile] savingdaisydiva's fault. Especially the name.

May I present to you... AvaShining! )

Psh. And to think I could have been wasting my time with homework.

... Also, my mom's toad died. :(
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In which I prove that I have this little problem of something being wrong with my brain. :(

With visual aids! )

OF COURSE Azula was just using her, gaiz. Ty Lee was just a pawn. After all, there's no evidence that she was anything else, right?
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Jesse McCartney.

Jesse McCartney.

Jesse McCartney.


I would be incredibly disappointed right now if I had had any hope for this movie whatsoever. BUT. The actually show was awesome, and that's good enough for me. <3 Just as long as all the Avatar RPers don't start picking up icons of the live action actors.
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But I needed an excuse to post this (which I sadly did not make):

Snip! )
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... I'm starting to think that the frequency of my updates is directly proportional to the amount of homework I have.

THE NEW PENDRAGON BOOK CAME OUT ON THURSDAY AND I DIDN'T FIND OUT UNTIL TODAY. D: Rin is TOTALLY going to beat me in our reading race for this one; she's probably already finished it. Unfortunately, I'm definitely going to be very tempted to blow off more homework to read it tomorrow. Argh. I should also skim through the first eight books, though, just to familiarize myself with the story again... the last one came out about a year ago (I remember reading it while shopping for a skirt for the NFHS induction ceremony... heh), so I've kind of forgotten a lot of the details of the more recent books. Meh.
Seriously, though, this year seems to be a good year for new books in the series that I read- Artemis Fowl is coming in, like, August, and I think the last Inkheart book will be out in the fall. 2008 = best year ever, whoo. There's also the matter of the new X-Files movie, but I'm not exactly sure I consider that a *good* thing.
While at Barnes & Noble I also took a quick look at the ending of that shitty Avatar book- I don't really want to spoil myself for *details*, but I really didn't want to wait till July (I think it's July) to find out who (if anyone) dies and crap. So yeah, I cleared that up. And I won't say anything specific, but I'm really, really happy. Like, ridiculously happy. WHOO.
Oh, and some of the pictures were ownage. Anyone know if they're screenshots?
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So Wally (aka the Library Peon) is apparently going to sue our class for slander if we mention him in Follies. Seriously.

But yeah, I'm still a little confused about what exactly the senior prank *was*. They moved some tables around? Unplugged the computers? Turned the books so the spines faced in? So what? That's not a prank, that's just an inconvenience. Meh. I'm disappointed. I was hoping for something, you know, sort of epic. Though the drama that this is generating is kind of amusing- Wally's reaction of "LOCK THE LIBRARY DON'T LET ANYONE IN NO MATTER WHAT ZOMG!" is priceless. Oh, Wally. <3
And I'm fairly certain the rumor that someone took a dump on Wally's chair was total crap (no pun intended). Because... yeah.
By the way:

This, I feel is a very good representation of Wally. )

... Like three people are going to get that reference, but whatever (and yes, crappy Gimped picture is crappy- especially since that picture of his face is a photo of a photo from the school newspaper). But think about it- I can TOTALLY see Wally trying to kill anyone who tried to steal stuff from the library (and BWAHAHAHA, I will never be able to re-watch that Avatar episode without thinking of the owl dude confronting the Gaang and going, "SIGNNNNNN INNNNNN!").

Random rat!news: I need a good middle name for Marie. Any suggestions, people? Bonus points if it's something fandom-related, to go along with Rita Amber-the-Cutthroat-Bitch.
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Secrets, secrets are no fun- secrets are for everyone! )
Okay. Glad I've got that out of my system. Now on to Nancy Drew, yay. (I love vacation.)
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So I took my Algebra re-test, and I could do everything but the last problem... on my way downstairs, however, I suddenly realized how I could have solved the one I missed. I seriously had to keep myself from yelling, "SQUARE BOTH SIDES FIRST!" in the middle of the (empty) hallway. Dooooork. 

But heh- I watched two episodes of Avatar tonight (they show two every night...), and the second one was the one where they went to the Northern Water Tribe settlement and the waterbending teacher was all sexism!yay, and Sokka totally propositioned a princess, and I was just sitting there thinking about how hilarious it was that that actually got through the kiddie!filters. Seriously, though: "Do you want to do an activity together? For some time?" What else could that have meant?
Oh RIIIIIIIIIIN, GET ON AIM. I need to obsess with youuuuuu. And have you yell at me because I haven't gotten my hands on The Sil, but that's besides the point...


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