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Am I the only one who didn't know about this until it happened? I didn't get any emails and saw no indication on the site that this was going down.

If you're like me and you lost a shit ton of bookmarks/content, you might still be able to export and download them here (that feature was supposed to end on the 23rd just like the transfer option, but it doesn't seem to have yet). You'll get a list of all your links, but they won't be organized by tag or anything.
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This is... actually not a real entry (SORRY CINNA), but I got a new AIM screenname.

dramadramaiddy -------> hellooo darlink

Drop me a line here if you want me to add you; comments are screened!
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Mr. LaForce: [of the flutes playing badly on a section of "New York Hippodrome"] "This is like the first day of band at Mastway [Elementary School]."
Doug: "I went to Moharimet [Elementary School]."
Mr. LaForce: "Okay, second day at Moharimet, then."

So I signed up for an account on Formspring a while ago, but then never actually did anything with it. Go ask me questions? Either anonymously or not; I have both enabled. I LIKE FILLING THINGS OUT AND ANSWERING STUFF; DON'T JUDGE ME.

In other news, winter break is awesome so far. I've accomplished absolutely nothing. 8]
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Thanks to Norry I now have a Google Wave account (and... am still trying to figure out how it works, haha), and at the moment I have eight invitations to give away. If anyone on my flist wants one, let me know I'll shoot one off to you!

(ALSO: this is unrelated, but JOIN PLURK. It's like IMing only at lot easier to keep up with.)
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It's like I'm the Gus of DDD!Plurk.

... And saying that reaaaaaally makes me want to go fool around on AFC now, but instead I'll be somewhat responsible and go do Spanish homework or something.
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Use DailyBooth more often.

Take less pictures that look like this.

In other news, I finally picked up a fifth class, and when that's done, I'll never have to take another science Gen. Ed. again. SO. HAPPY. I really want to take an astronomy class, but all of the ones I've looked at have lab components and there's just no way. I JUST WANT TO TAKE A CLASS WHERE YOU JUST LEARN ABOUT STARS AND BLACK HOLES AND PLANETS AND SHIT, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Ehhhhh.


Sep. 11th, 2009 07:57 pm
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... I am suddenly very much reminded why I stay far away from most political stuff ... watching The West Wing totally doesn't count. And why I registered as an Independent so that I could (hopefully) avoid the "OH YOU'RE A _____ SO YOU MUST THINK _____" stuff.

WTF, RP!S. Can't we all just get aloooooooong.
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Me: *connect to internet?*
Internet: *connects!*
Me: Whoo!
Internet: *disconnects itself <3*
Me: D:< *connect to internet*
Internet: lol no
Me: D:

Rinse and repeat about once every five hours. I really need an air card from a better company than Verizon.



Jun. 20th, 2009 10:46 pm
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Marshall: "Look everybody, it's snowing again!"
Eli: "No Marshall, those are seagulls."

An addendum to this entry:

My mom is now addicted to Facebook quizzes. I walked in on her taking "What kind of badass animal are you?" today.

She's apparently a bear.

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My mom is addicted to Facebook.
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Okay, so you know how I go on about how Safari is my favorite browser and how I've always found Firefox kind of meh? Disregard that; I'm kind of using Firefox exclusively now (at least for LJ stuff) because of LJLogin. Which is amazing. I wish I had bothered to try it out sooner, it would have saved me SO much trouble.

... I have three memes; this is definitely not a waste of my time. I was tagged to do these forever ago by [ profile] fire_lord_azula (who gave me Ty Lee) and [ profile] pushpushlady (who gave me Azula). OF COURSE I'm just getting around to it now.



Animation meme )

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... Or alternately, why I should be kept away from MSN as often as possible; I'm not really sure which.

Cut for tl;dr and PG-13 tendencies )

Old conversation is old (well, if your definition of "old" is "late January"), but I was browsing the AFC MSN quote thread. Eh.


Jan. 31st, 2009 11:30 pm
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Opera: worst browser ever or worst browser ever? Seriously, half the time I hit "post comment" on LJ it sends me to some random ad page instead. What.
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Argh. I seriously need to stop becoming obsessed with TV shows that I haven't even *seen*. Or, to be more accurate, I need to stop becoming obsessed with *characters* from TV shows that I haven't even seen. And that's all I'm going to say on the matter. YOU CAN DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS, PEOPLE. 

The second presidential candidate visitor of the year came on Friday- Ron Paul. (A few weeks ago it was John Edwards. Yay, someone I've actually heard of!) I thought he was very meh. I knew next to nothing about him- basically, only what I'd heard from kids at school (WH boys: "He's snarky and crazy and old and senile and wants to OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT! He's THE MAN!"), which, of course, is not likely to be helpful at all (especially since I mostly heard about him from sophomore boys, as evidenced by above quote- which is pretty much word-for-word from Zak, by the way). 
But, yeah, things I learned from Ron Paul: It is possible to use the word 'Constitution' enough times to make your audience want to headdesk. And also, we are apparently not a free society because we have not made abortion illegal. I guess that's more than I learned from John Edwards- from him, I only got that if you throw  the words 'college', 'health care', and 'end the war' around a lot while talking to a crowd of high schoolers, you can sound like you're saying something without actually saying much of anything. Hee, I feel so apathetic right now.

Oh, and Autosave- quit trying to be cute. I've HAD IT with you. Either work, or don't work, but don't start to work and then conk out halfway through the entry, while conveniently leaving the 'last saved at...' thing up so that I think you're working. You have LOST MY TRUST, AUTOSAVE. 
And woah, the tags are taking prompts now. This is new. Now I'll be less likely to accidentally create multiple tags for one subject, and I won't have to go hunting through my gigantic tags list to tag entries! Yay. (Ihavenolife.) 

Anyway, I'm done talking to inanimate objects now. I've got to go and be all LOLZOBSESSION. Tata!
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Admittedly not one of our funniest sessions, but I do have the threat of a huge project due tomorrow hanging over my head, after all.





I'm bored.

Oct. 24th, 2007 07:06 pm
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 Michael Wood tomorrow! I'm seriously excited- because I know the talk's going to be interesting, yes, but it's mostly about the hair. And I'd feel pretty stupid for admitting that if my entire class didn't feel the same way. (It's probably a good thing that no one reads this LJ.)

In other news, I hate AOL. Seriously. It's being particularly craptastic today. Grrr. Mostly it's the dial-up (yes, I am one of the three people in the world to still have dial-up)- it keeps having to reconnect every few minutes. And I mean that quite literally. HATE. IT. 

And no, I don't really have anything to say, just that I want to go on AFC but I don't dare because my computer might explode if I have two many browser windows up. It'd be great if I could go on in Intro to Adobe, but the site's blocked because Mrs. Kentner caught me on it last year. *le sigh*
Seriously, I don't even know why I'm writing this entry.
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Today I realized that I haven't harassed SmarterChild in a while. I decided that that needed to be fixed ASAP. Results:

Honesty. )

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I found a hilarious website yesterday, which is pretty much the most wonderful thing ever. It's in Dutch or something, but it's mocking badfic. It's pretty obvious what they're talking about, what with lines like: 

Foreigners mocking American badfic = SOCOOL. )
All I can say is, HEE. And, BOOKMARKING.
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Because it's a fun way of wasting time, I've spent a few minutes today on this site, and I have to say it's pretty much the most amusing thing ever. Anagrams rock. I've been doing classmates, family, teachers, and, of course, favorite characters... and my favorite one was an anagram for 'sociopath Lisa'. 
'Ciao Hospitals'. 
It's just so FITTING, don't you think? 

Crystal and Summer came over for like, five minutes to see how we were doing (this morning wasn't going well with mom and all...). We threw rocks at Jenny's window to get her to come down. Hee. 

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