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That was totally one of my favorite movies when I was eight/nine. Yup.
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Doug: [of The Sopranos] "I love that show because they kill people."
Monika: "This coming from a kid wearing a Livestrong bracelet."

I can't stop watching this.

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Or this.

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Tell me about some of your favorite movies, people. Link me to trailers if you can find them!
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Kaitlin: "Any ideas for what intramural sports we could add?"
Dan: "Ultimite frisbee."
Leslie: "Football!"
Marshall: "Killer tag. With knives."

So I watched The Day After Tomorrow yesterday. I wasn't really expecting much, but I love disaster movies so I thought I'd give it a go. The first half-hour or so was really jumpy and choppy, but then it settled down a bit, and really, it was much better than I had expected storytelling- and writing-wise. I thought the ending in particular was very well done.

The only part I thought was really hokey was the wolf attack; that was pretty dumb. But all in all, it was actually a fairly solid film. I don't even have to classify it as a guilty pleasure!
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Mr. LaForce: "Don't move the riser so far over-- you'll squash Andy's hand."
Kathy: "Actually, that would be a good idea..."

Seriously, I'm continuously amazed by the things I find. Case in point:

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I can't believe I'm not the only person who remembers some of these things.
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My sister is SO uncooperative. :(
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Seriously. )

My sister is SO uncooperative. :(
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Okay, so you know how I go on about how Safari is my favorite browser and how I've always found Firefox kind of meh? Disregard that; I'm kind of using Firefox exclusively now (at least for LJ stuff) because of LJLogin. Which is amazing. I wish I had bothered to try it out sooner, it would have saved me SO much trouble.

... I have three memes; this is definitely not a waste of my time. I was tagged to do these forever ago by [ profile] fire_lord_azula (who gave me Ty Lee) and [ profile] pushpushlady (who gave me Azula). OF COURSE I'm just getting around to it now.



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So this is pretty much [ profile] savingdaisydiva's fault. Especially the name.

May I present to you... AvaShining! )

Psh. And to think I could have been wasting my time with homework.

... Also, my mom's toad died. :(
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So we went to go see Nim's Island today. It was cute. Abigail Breslin was in it (she's in everything nowadays- including one of the previews before the film tonight), and she's cute- also one of the better child actresses out right now. But we pretty much only went because Jenny has a big crush on Gerard Butler (she'd deny it, but it's so true). Also, I love Jodie Foster. The whole plot with the cruise ship run by Fearless Leader that extremely stereotypical villain seemed a bit out of place, but whatever. The scene where she talked to the cruise ship boy in the woods was nice. I don't know, though, I was kind of hoping the father would die- it would have made the whole thing less cheesy. But you know... After the film I was extremely energetic, for some reason (we stayed until the theater was empty- because mom always likes to wait until the credits are over- and I danced back and forth across the top row singing Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi in my head). On the way out Jenny and I did our usual run for the front seat (we're so mature), and when she won I collapsed in fake sobs on the grass in front of the car. Mom walked past and said it's to believe that I'm almost eighteen. I'm inclined to agree with her.
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Dude, I totally just found out something today... the band Evanescence pronounces their name "Eh-VAHN-eh-sants", as opposed to "Eh-VAHN-sants" like I've called it in my head for years. Therefore, my life is shattered even though I don't even listen to the group. *dies*

Oh, and this? Scariest shit ever. I don't know where I first saw this, but I remembered the clay people being killed to this day. And up until yesterday, I thought it was just a nightmare I had when I was five or something. Creeeeeepy.
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Okay, so we went over to Alwood yesterday to see the Clabaughs, who are renting (Laura and I made Jenny our SLAVE), and we watched Pippi Longstocking. You know, the badly-dubbed Swedish one that I was TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH WHEN I WAS SEVEN. Seriously, I was way too excited about seeing it again. And now I really want to go out and buy it, along with the not-as-good one with the corny-but-great songs. Oh, yes. 

And also on the nostalgia topic- guess what CD-ROM I found lurking over at Dad's this morning? ROLLER COASTER TYCOON 2. ZOMGYES. I recall many, many hours spent screwing around with that game, making things such as an unnaturally small observation tower named 'The Holly Short', and christening merry-go-rounds things such as 'We've Turned the Corner' (Bush should SO be thanking us for the free publicity) and 'The Merry-and-Pippin-Go-Round'. Also, killing people by purposely making the rides defective. I wish I could still remember how to do that; it was great fun.
I also think one of the best was when we named a ride Nemo, and then hid it away in a very inaccessible place (like in the middle of a lake or something, probably). Everyone was wandering around going, "I can't find Nemo!" It was fantastic. 
That game will go down in history (along with Zoo Tycoon- animal abuse, The Scientist Frenzy, reenacting books- and Let's Ride: Rosemond Hill- glitches galore, impossible horse feats, JOHN) as one of the games that is soooo much more fun when played incorrectly. Whee.
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Oh my God, Hotel Rwanda. 

You know, if it were that many Europeans or Americans being massacred, the world would actually care. But it's Africans, so everyone's all whogivesarip. ::headdesk:: gsdojiLDGOIdjO>GF. 

On the plus side, I've found a new cause to donate the money I earn from painting wooden stuff to. ('Wooden stuff', I know. I'm so descriptive.) Before it was the Red Cross, then it was the ASPCA. Now it's Any Organization Giving Money to Help People in Africa. Hmmm. Maybe I should just split it between the three. (Please note that as of now, this is all speculative- I currently only have $35. Stop laughing. At least I'm trying.) But still. But still. But still...

'But still' should totally be my motto. Along with 'Toby Ziegler is God in human form and should be treated as such and worshipped accordingly. Start building your shrines now'. 


Oct. 21st, 2006 11:20 pm
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Well. We went to see Flicka today. For the most part, it wasn't much like the book it was supposedly based on, but it was cool all the same. Sad, though. When Katie comes downstairs and says to her father, "It's okay, Dad. You can shoot us." Awww. Poor kid. Poor horse. I knew Flicka was going to be okay, though, because it was a family movie. Gone are the days when Bambi's mom is shot in the first two minutes of the film, or Mufasa gets trampled in a stampede. Now everything is all happy, all the time. Wheee. (You figure out yourself whether I'm being sarcastic or not.) And the obvious and exuberant UST the older brother shared with most of the other characters was interesting, to say the least. I loved the scene where he walks in and makes out with his mom for a couple of seconds. Then there's a close-up of said mom looking surprised and pleased. (Yes, this really did happen, right after it is discovered that the father is looking into selling the ranch, but I was probably the only person in the theater who interpreted that little scene so interestingly. Yes, interestingly. That's how I'm going to think about it from now on.) 
I always seem to take scenes/quotes in movies the wrong way. I suppose the fact that I'm basically asexual is coming back at me in a very dirty-minded way. Though scenes that I find unintentionally funny don't always have sexual undertones (imagined or not). When we watched An Inconvenient Truth (totally rocks) for Peace Studies a month or so ago, the line, "In the distance, you hear a cow..." almost made me lose it right then and there. I never quite figured out why. 

Ah, wonderful. Autosave is working correctly. So if AOL conks out again (which it is so well known for doing), I won't loose much crap. Yayyy. 

Eh... what else, what else... Oh! I took the PSATs today. My inner Toby-ness did very well on the verbal sections, particularly with grammar/sentence structure. Now all I need is an inner John Nash or somebody to take over during the math sections, which I am notoriously slow at (during sophomore testing last year, I was the last person to finish (math was the last section), and was largely credited with "holding everybody else up". Which is ridiculous, really, because they had to keep us all all in our testing rooms till a specific time anyway, and if I hadn't finished by dismissal time, I would have had to give in my test unfinished, and therefore not hold anyone up at all.) But anyway. PSATS. Cool. I'm probably the only person in the world who finds standardized testing fun. Yes, even on a Saturday morning at 7:15. I'm odd in that way. (And many other ways as well, of course.) 

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Why is the movie Hide and Seek rated R? It's not particularly scary. Not any more than any PG-13 movies I've seen, anyway (please note that Hide and Seek is the only rated R movie I've seen. Don't think I can't hear you laughing). Meh. It wasn't that great of a movie, anyway. It was okay. And the alternate ending where Emily ends up in the psychiatric hospital is loads better than the one they ended up using in the theater version, in my opinion. 
I just realized I have seen another rated R movie besides Hide and Seek. We watched The Emerald Forest in World Cultures freshman year. But since it was made in the '80's, I don't think it really counts as an R-rated movie. It's more like PG-13 with pizazz.
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HA! Josh was in the X-Files! Josh was in the X-Files! Actually, the most recognizable thing about him was his voice. Hee. 
Because I'm incredibly bored, I'm going to post the 'revised' High School Musical lyrics my thirteen-year-old sister and I made up yesterday (actually, they're really just snippets of the songs, but whatever). I'm doing this because 1.) I very much doubt anyone but me is reading this, and 2.) I basically made this journal for myself, so that in twenty years I can come back and see what an idiot I was. I just made it public because if other people read it, I don't mind. I really don't know why anyone but me would want to, but whatever. 
So anyway. Yes, I know they suck and don't really follow the original songs all that well. But we also found them incredibly hilarious. 

Stupid? Of course. But they were a hell of a lot of fun to write.    
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I really didn't think The Ring 2 was as bad as everyone said it was (apart from The Attack of the Killer Deer, of course. Most unintentionally hilarious scene LYKEZOMGEVER). I still liked the general plot of The Ring better (well, up until the part where it is determined that "setting Samara free" or whatever the hell it was that Rachel did while trapped in the well was, in fact, the wrong thing to do, because Samara is and always will be teh eb0l. I liked the idea of sort of a misunderstood!Samara. But where the whole 'seven days' shebang originated from was cool... eh, whatever. I'm basically paraphrasing what I remember about the first movie- which I haven't seen in over a year). 
Anyway... I want to see the original Japanese film, since it's supposedly better. I'll just filch it off my Dad's DVD shelf the next time I'm over there... heh. 
Seriously though: "I'm not your fucking mommy!"? HEE. That is totally my new catchphrase this week.

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Why our local video store only has Airplane! for rent (on VHS no less) and not for sale, I have no idea. Why they seem to have never even heard of the movie at Blockbuster, I have absolutely no idea. Why Hollywood Video was closed, I kind of do have an idea considering they're in the middle of moving locations, but whatever. But thank goodness for, because they have Airplane! avaliable to order- on DVD. And now that DVDs have come around, all VHS tapes should be immediately disposed of because VCRs are worthless piles of crap. Well, not really, but you'd expect me to be talking like this- I'm a teenager living in the 21st century. It's basically the law that I have to be hopelessly decedent.

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