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Cut for epic your flist can't handle. )
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Now I'm testing Muzicons! Let's see if it works with files that I *haven't* downloaded from iTunes:

That is one of my favorite songs in the entire world, trufax.
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I'll go in reverse order just for kicks.


As for the insanity part of this little charade, I was all hopped up on Tums and cranberry juice, so naturally I was running around downstairs doing kung-fu-like moves all over the place. And I almost killed myself a couple of times because floor + riding socks = slippery.

Now. MUSIC. I'm normally not one to obsess over singers/bands, but I am thoroughly convinced that Bird York is the best female singer since, like... ever. And I'm totally not just saying that because she played Andy on The West Wing, oh no. I first heard one of her songs ("In the Deep") on House (S2, "Autopsy", the very end)- House always has brilliant music- and since then I've been obsessing over downloading more. "Wicked Little High" is the BEST EVER, and "Have No Fear" is amazing, as well, even though I can't understand half of what she's saying unless I've looked at the lyrics before hand. But seriously, ALL OF IT is BEYOND AWESOME and writing this entry is making me want to DOWNLOAD MORE TO LISTEN TO ON THE BUS TOMORROW.
Second best female singer since, like, ever: Grey (Gray, maybe?... I'm too lazy to look it up) DeLisle. Her voice just radiates amazingness all around, and her cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" will never stop being awesome (I DON'T CARE what you say, Annika :P). (Speaking of "Bohemian Rhapsody", I really have got to download the full Queen original ASAP. A song about a murderer? Why, yes plz.)
Also, I might add that quite a few of her (DeLisle's) songs have to do with death/imprisonment/etc. I don't understand; is she trying to mess with my mind?

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Today, a random car pulled into our driveway, then turned aroud and left. This is especially unusual because we are the second-to-last house on a private road (everybody tends to ignore the 'private' signs, though, and no one really cares). This happened a couple of weeks ago, too- that time, a guy got out of the car, then immediately got back in and drove off. Maybe we're being stalked? That's got to be it, because a year or so ago there was this random guy who called claiming to be an friend of mom's from college (but he wouldn't give his name- he just kept saying, "Yes, you must remember me! I'm your old friend!"), and he wanted us to send him money and stuff. It was hilarious, even though it probably shouldn't have been. Mom put him on speakerphone and we all talked to him. We're not the brightest out there, I suppose.

Okay, so you know how sometimes you'll become obsessed with a song and listen to it all the time, even though it's not even really one of your favorite songs? I'm currently doing that with All Star by Smash Mouth and The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls. Seriously, I really only ever listen to my CDs/iPod when I'm in the car or on the bus, but whenever I do listen, I always listen to those songs at least once. Especially All Star, just because I've liked that song since I heard it in the first Shrek movie in sixth grade. (I first heard The Great Escape only recently, when I was listening to Jenny's iPod... hee, and she said, "I really love this song, but I hate that one line about killing birds." I had no idea what she's talking about, so she was all, "You know, watch a bird, let it die..." The actual line is 'watch it burn, let it die'. XD I love misheard lyrics.)
And even though I know this is not at all what the song's about, I think the chorus of The Great Escape should totally be about a jailbreak:

Throw it away, forget yesterday
We'll make the great escape
We won't hear a word they say
They don't know us anyway
Watch it burn, let it die
'Cause we are finally free tonighttttttt...

See?! It's about people escaping from prison! MISUNDERSTOOD prisoners, apparently. Who then BURN THE PRISON DOWN. I should definitely write fic about this. First I need a fandom about prisons, though. Prison Break? Oz?
... Yeah. 

Cut for image. Only one this time! )

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Title quotation taken from Abigail Washburn's Red and Blazing, one of my favorite songs. As it so happens, I can barely find any lyrics listings for this one online, and the ones I can find, are (as far as I can tell) flawed. 

Like, the first line is repeatedly listed as "I must have been fooled when you touched my heart". Not only does this make little to no sense in the context of the song, but I've listened to it over and over again, and I still can't hear that word as 'fooled'. It sounds like "I must have been four when you touched my heart" to me. Of course, that makes just as little sense, but still. 

Just so I'll have a reference for later (and who knows, maybe other people are frusterated about the lack of lyrics listings for this song, too, and would appreciated something more than the, like, two different sites that have them...), this is what I think the lyrics are: 

For me, probably the most 'controversial' is the end section- the other two sites listing these lyrics had them as "For the day you left for the arms above // To me, those birds are singing". But... I like mine better. : p
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HA! Josh was in the X-Files! Josh was in the X-Files! Actually, the most recognizable thing about him was his voice. Hee. 
Because I'm incredibly bored, I'm going to post the 'revised' High School Musical lyrics my thirteen-year-old sister and I made up yesterday (actually, they're really just snippets of the songs, but whatever). I'm doing this because 1.) I very much doubt anyone but me is reading this, and 2.) I basically made this journal for myself, so that in twenty years I can come back and see what an idiot I was. I just made it public because if other people read it, I don't mind. I really don't know why anyone but me would want to, but whatever. 
So anyway. Yes, I know they suck and don't really follow the original songs all that well. But we also found them incredibly hilarious. 

Stupid? Of course. But they were a hell of a lot of fun to write.    

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