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I've heard people (mostly adults) say that fanfiction is "not real writing" and "a waste of time". Now I ask you, how can it not be "real writing"? Just because you're using somebody else's characters? One of the things I love about fanfiction is the way different writers take the characters and make them their own- not make them OOC, mind you, but sort of... interpret them in their own way. Because a well-written/well-acted character has enough depth to be interpreted in many ways. Take Toby Ziegler, for example (yeah, you knew I was going to get around to this some time...) I've read countless stories featuring Toby (mostly at The National Library- best site ever go there now), and I've noticed that no two authors write him the same way. Sure, some are (in my opinion) more accurate than others, but there are some that write him totally differently from each other, but I still see both as in character (often more in character than Wells-era canon, which is why I lovelovelove Here Today/jail-centric fic). Because Toby can be interpreted so many different ways. 
The X-Files is more of a problem, because (much as it pains me to say it), Scully is not as well-written/acted as Toby- her character just doesn't have as much depth, thus there is a much finer line between OOC/IC for her. (Hoo boy, now I feel guilty for betraying one of my Big Fandom Loves... *sigh*)
Another thing is, whether you're using your own characters or not, fanfiction *is* writing, and the more you practice writing, the better you get at it. Some may argue that you don't get any practice writing characters, but I would disagree (for the reasons stated above). I've read some pretty awesome fanfiction, by authors that, if they wrote original fic, could probably get published at one time or another. Writing good fanfiction, like writing good original fiction, takes time, hard work, and talent (not that I would know from experience, considering all the fanfic I write I keep inside my head). 
So... yeah. Lay off fanfiction, people.

(And if I were actually more eloquent than I am, this would make more sense, and contain much less bad grammar.)
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... You begin to understand what the hell your psychotic neighbor is talking about.

Occasionally, In the midst of her babbling about High School Musical and The Cheetah Girls, Crystal will start nonsensically speaking in a very... garbled fashion. Kindaliikzeez, yknow? Because, you see, she knows I'm not going to be on the afternoon bus all the following week (this little story takes place the Friday before finals- so, last Friday, actually), and so she feels it is her duty to give me a very Crystal-ful ride home, to make up for all the time I'll miss. This consists mostly of poking my arm repeatedly, and then, once she has my reluctant attention, informing me that: 
A.) My dog (meaning Gypsy) is evil 
B.) I'm in love with (insert anybody/anything she can come up with here) 
C.) The West Wing sucks (she's never actually seen it) 
D.) Anything else she can come up with. 
This makes for a very tiring bus ride. 

Anyway, so about halfway through the ride, she jabs my arm and, gesturing frantically towards the front of the bus, says, "Yuuinloooovwistrevor, ya?" I automatically respond, "No, I'm not in love with Trevor."  
And then I stop. 
Because I understood her. 
Oh, my God. 
I spend too much time around this kid.
I rest my case. 

And then, of course, she spoke like that for the rest of the ride home. So Jenny and I spoke in Pig Latin for the entire walk home (well, until she went into her house, which comes before ours on our walk), which basically caused her to scream in gibberish in frusteration. The rest of the neighborhood must be terrified by us by now. 

Hee. Reading this over I make Crystal sound like more of a psycho than she really is. Seriously though, the only 'problem' she has is ADHD- everything else, she does of her own accord... my problem, however. Well, I'm not quite so sure about that...

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