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Looking through my old ORHS LJ entries. I'd forgotten how many times I'd mentioned Marina.
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Pretty positive, really. I love shopping for school supplies, I love putting my backpack together and arranging my notebooks, and I love using all-new materials. High school made up some of my best years, so that's where the most positive associations lie, but even though I'm taking time off of college because of burn-out my experience there was hardly all negative. I hope that when I end up going back, I'll accumulate even more good memories to add to that.

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Neil: "What was Shakespeare's inspiration for A Midsummer Night's Dream?"
Miss Bavier: "No one really knows."
Neal: "... Did they have opium in his time?"

I went to my sister's Spanish play today. It was weird walking past Madame's room. It was also weird being confronted by a janitor when we went up to wander around the second floor afterward (... no one ever used to have a problem with students hanging around after hours; that's my only excuse). I also stuck my head in a classroom door and shouted the name of one of my sister's friends who was in there, and even though it *looked* like people weren't really doing anything but bumming around Jenny maintains that she thought they were in the middle of something. I'm hoping she was wrong, though, because even though no one actually takes those skits seriously I'd still feel bad if some people got theirs interrupted by some random girl walking by and yelling "SONJA PAPE!" at them.

Anyway. The obvious real reason for this entry:

Snip! )

Aren't my shoes awesome?


Jun. 15th, 2009 07:09 pm
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So Jenny got her yearbook today, and I'm looking at it. Two quotes from the "memorable class moments" of the science section:

"When Mr. Phetteplace would go off on a tangent about a little pony and a unicorn, but then somehow related it to what we were learning."

"When Mr. Phetteplace used a pair of 80-82-sized underwear to erase the notes he wrote on the whiteboard."


Also, I'm extremely glad that I finally got to see the picture of Grant dressed up as Sarah Palin. That's really all I have to say.
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... This weekend has been a little crazy. The battery on one of our cars died (yes, the same car that was badly damaged when Mom tried to back out of the garage with the trunk hatch still open-- we're not really sure whether or not the two problems are related). We took it in to have it fixed and found out that about $1,000 of the repairs wouldn't be covered by insurance. Sucks. BUT they gave us a rental car to use while ours was being repaired, and told us that if we liked it we could trade them at no extra cost. So we, quite unexpectedly, have a new car. It's a sky blue VW Beetle with a convertible top. It's EPIC.
We also bought a trampoline-- Jenny's wanted one for a while, and after going over to Sonja's house and using hers she decided that she needed one OMG NOW. So we had been pricing them all week, and we actually found a pretty good-quality one that wasn't very expensive. I'm more excited about the trampoline than the car, because apparently I have the maturity of a ten-year-old (but eh, I already knew that).
AND to top that all off, I got the last Pendragon book (because yes, I am still reading that series). Bobby looks middle-aged on the cover, y/y?

My summer class starts tomorrow, and I haven't been able to get any of the textbooks or materials yet. So we're going to Durham Book Exchange and/or Campus Bookstore tomorrow, and I'll do all the reading/preparatory work in the hours before class starts. FUN.

... I also had a dream last night that I was riding past the Durham shopping plaza on a moped (... seriously), and I saw Madame coming out of the DuMP and I was all, "OH YAY SHE'S NOT IN THE HOSPITAL ANYMORE 8D". But then I woke up and remembered that awwww, I still really have no idea how she's doing. Seriously, though-- that school has lost so many good teachers lately, for one reason or another. And Phetteplace and Herlihy are apparently retiring after this year. Phetteplace. Future generations will have no idea what it's like to have an escaped mental patient as a science teacher, and this makes me sad.
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So a demo version of this game was sitting on the table at the Pizza Hut I went to with Mom and Jenny last weekend. The name combined with the first quote on the box had us in hysterics. WE ARE SUCH PERVS. :|

But oh WOW, was Tuesday night crazy. They had a big election night party at the MUB (I didn't go because I was too tired, meh), and I was asleep from about nine or so till eleven, when Mom called and woke me up. At that point the insanity was really only just starting- people were whooping and screaming on their way back from the election party, and this girl in my dorm (I can't remember her name at the moment, ugh) came in and said, "They're running the streets!" Things calmed down after an hour or so, but then started up again the next morning. Heh.
(Obama also won 75% of the mock vote at ORHS. Oh, and Grant Chamberlain can apparently do a hilarious Sarah Palin impression. I would have paid to see that.)

Pffffft what else. OH. THE NEW SADDLE CLUB ISN'T NEARLY AS FUN TO MAKE FUN OF AS THE OLD ONE. I'm probably not going to bother mocking it much at all- I mean, they still have reruns of the old version on Discovery Kids and they're (unintentional) COMEDY GOLD.
Though I did notice that on the new season, they named Melanie's friend after that old-show actress that died. That was nice of them.

... I hate the new profile page. D: I'm still going to renew my paid account for one of my RP journals, though.


"I'm still going to renew my paid account of one of my RP journals" is probably the dorkiest sentence I've ever written.

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Okay guys, prepare for a LONG ENTRY. Urgh.

cut for tl;dr about the end of school, underclassmen schedules, and other good stuff. )

... I've said this in a million other places, but I have to say it again: my birthday this year is going to be awesome. Why? Avatar finale (it's like the gods WANT me to throw a party) and the International Day of Femmeslash. YES. Oh yeah, and there's the small matter of me turning 18, but, you know. That's secondary. XD
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Okay, so for tomorrow... we've got good things and bad things. Good thing: YEARBOOKSZOMGWTFLOLZSDLFJASF. Bad thing: AWARDS ASSEMBLY. TWO HOURS OF TORTUROUS TORTURE. Freshmen, seriously, brace yourselves- you have no idea of the pain. And of course we won't get the yearbooks till afterwards, because Mrs. Wotton likes to watch us squirm with anticipation while we listen to the 900th sports award being announced. Oh, yes.
So, last block day evereverever. That's pretty sweet. I don't really know what we're going to be doing tomorrow, with the thirty-minute classes and all... I know we're going to listen to Lil and Chris Hall's presentation during sociology, and in French we're probably just going to do more shit with the artist PowerPoints... in band we'll be sorting... yeah. That's pretty much it. What an anticlimactic last day. :P
I don't really know which class I'm going to miss the most. Sociology is obviously the BEST EVAR, and Genre Studies is absolutely hilarious (word to the wise: GET MR. GARMAN, underclassmen!), but I think band has pretty much been the winner this semester. If I end up in the UNH orchestra, it'll be weird not playing the oboe part. XD

In other news, Mr. Garman watches MST3K. I TOTALLY called that.

... Oh yeah, and I guess I survived my sociology presentation? I know, I'm just as surprised as you are.
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Follies last night was pretty good, especially considering how hastily it was put together. Pictures will be added to this entry when I have the time.

In other news, I. HAVE. SO. MUCH. HOMEWORK. Let's do a head count, shall we?
- Spanish letter (don't laugh, it's actually pretty hefty- I have to chronicle three imaginary days in Barcelona)
- Mass Media audio lab (this is HUGE, and we're nowhere near done because Eric hasn't been coming to class, like, at ALL)
- Mass Media mandatory term paper revision (she told us about this on Thursday, and it's due Wednesday- thanks Mrs. Y, love you, too)
- Sociology paper (this was supposed to be turned in last Wednesday but the due date was switched to next Tuesday, because Mrs. Raiford is the only teacher in the entire school who realizes that we have lives outside of her class)
- Sociology research project (I'm doing sociopaths, heeheehee)
- French project (and I think she's assigning another one soon, too)
- Genre Studies commonplace book
- Genre Studies multigenre paper
- Genre Studies presentation on call and response poetry

... So of course I've been spending a bit of time RPing with my shiny new RP account. And I've already made plans to go to Coldstone's/Barnes & Noble/Texas Roadhouse later today. And since it's such a nice day out I have a feeling that my general mindset for the three day weekend is going to be "fun tiems outside > ridiculous amount of work".
Annika, remember when I said I'd be your virgin sacrifice next time you felt the need to kill someone? That offer still stands. Really.
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So Wally (aka the Library Peon) is apparently going to sue our class for slander if we mention him in Follies. Seriously.

But yeah, I'm still a little confused about what exactly the senior prank *was*. They moved some tables around? Unplugged the computers? Turned the books so the spines faced in? So what? That's not a prank, that's just an inconvenience. Meh. I'm disappointed. I was hoping for something, you know, sort of epic. Though the drama that this is generating is kind of amusing- Wally's reaction of "LOCK THE LIBRARY DON'T LET ANYONE IN NO MATTER WHAT ZOMG!" is priceless. Oh, Wally. <3
And I'm fairly certain the rumor that someone took a dump on Wally's chair was total crap (no pun intended). Because... yeah.
By the way:

This, I feel is a very good representation of Wally. )

... Like three people are going to get that reference, but whatever (and yes, crappy Gimped picture is crappy- especially since that picture of his face is a photo of a photo from the school newspaper). But think about it- I can TOTALLY see Wally trying to kill anyone who tried to steal stuff from the library (and BWAHAHAHA, I will never be able to re-watch that Avatar episode without thinking of the owl dude confronting the Gaang and going, "SIGNNNNNN INNNNNN!").

Random rat!news: I need a good middle name for Marie. Any suggestions, people? Bonus points if it's something fandom-related, to go along with Rita Amber-the-Cutthroat-Bitch.
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Of course, part of that's because there were like, three people in the audience. I mean, it's not like the auditorium's usually packed or anything, but still- it just seemed so empty. This was definitely a good thing for me, though, because a smaller audience tends to mean that my arm won't shake as much... very true in this case. :P So yeah, we did our thing, and I didn't totally screw up the rhythm like I did during the second rehearsal this afternoon (concert band skipped D period to go to the jazz band's class, and they skipped their F period to come to our class). To be honest I have no idea how Marina did because I was too busy focusing on myself (heh), but I'm sure she did fine. BUT YEAH, WE'RE ALIVE ZOMG WHOO. I STILL NEVER WANT TO DO THAT EVER AGAIN.

But... my last ORHS concert ever. Just... wow.
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Today in Spanish we had to write letters about an imaginary trip to Barcelona (Señora's obsessed), and in honor of this ~special day~, I wrote mine to Gus. We also had to say who came with us on the trip, so I wrote down Annika, Mariam, Nikita. XD Sorry, RL friends... We also had to choose a Spanish recipe to make for the class, and I picked a pastry puff. I'LL BET THAT NONE OF YOU WERE THIS DEDICATED, WERE YOU? WHEN THE ARMAGEDDON COMES, GUS WILL BE SURE TO SAVE ME FIRST.

Marzey, I'm mad at you. Why are you not on MSNNNNNN you said you needed to talk about the user info page. D:

Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with His Holiness's birthday, but... if any of you are thinking about taking up vidding, DON'T. SAVE YOURSELVES. IT'S BEYOND ADDICTING, AND IF I COMPLETELY TANK THE PLETHORA OF PROJECTS (LOLZ ALLITERATION) I HAVE GOING ON RIGHT NOW, IT WILL TOTALLY BE IMOVIE'S FAULT. My enthusiasm is only somewhat hampered by the fact that I can only make Avatar vids at the moment, because I don't have access to clips of anything else (but that's okay, because Avatar is the craziest thing ever, and there is no running out of crack!vid material). But this summer I'm going to download HandBrake or whatever it's called and try to teach myself how to rip DVDs. I am WELL on my way to becoming a felon.
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... I will NEVER be able to watch a video of Hitler ranting and raving his craziness without hearing him shriek, "THE CAT WAS YOUNG AND NIMBLE!" at at least some point.


Good things, though: I'm going to blow off homework a bit more to go to Szechwan Taste and Coldstone's. Whoo.
(Oh, and MARZEYMARZEY- we need to prepare for tomorrow. XD)
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Mrs. Szot: "If you're leaving early for vacation and are not going to be here on Friday, I need to know now so that we can reschedule you a time to take this two-question quiz I'm giving. Because I'm insane, yo."
Me: "Oooh! Oooh! I'm skipping school for a UNH orientation! I'll take it after school on Thursday!"

Mrs. Szot: "Okay, can you all who are taking the quiz after school just clarify with me right now? Ethan, I have you, and..."
Ethan: "... Hannah."
Me: "Er, yeah, about that. I actually am going to be here on Friday because it's Class Colors, and high school lulz > serious college stuffs. So cross me off your list."

Announcement Like Two Minutes Before the Final Bell: "Friday's pep rally is being postponed until sometime in freakin' May. HEE."
Me: "Oh, crap! If nothing's going down tomorrow, I'm going to the UNH thing! But then there's that math test! And I can't stay after school today because I haven't arranged a ride! Oh, noes!"

In conclusion: when we're back in school on 4/28, Mrs. Szot is going to keel me ded.
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So we did our Spanish play today. Of course, when I say "play", I really mean 'stupid little skit thing that we performed in front of Señora, Jack Starbrach's aide, and the two or three kids who actually bothered to stay in the room. Seriously, it's no fun making costumes and painting backgrounds (which we didn't actually do this time around) and adding lines like, "Where is my shotgun?!" to Goldilocks and the Three Bears if we're not going to have an actual audience. And doing it in the evening was always fun because everyone would be having theirs at once, so all the kids would be running around the hallways in their costumes and going into the other classrooms to see their friends' plays... I mean, the general idea of the Festival skits is so ridiculous in and of itself, but when you totally screw it up just to cater to the newbie French teachers (who aren't new to teaching, just new to our school!), it just becomes... stupid.
Jenny's class at least got some second graders to come to theirs. Hmph.

This whole thing with the Great Teacher Swap of '08 is so whacked, though. First they bring in Mme. Moran to share Señora Beaton's room (?!) and help Madame and Monsieur share the load of the disproportionate amount of freshman who are taking French. Then Madame leaves, so Mme. Moran goes to take over her classes, while they bring Mme. Sanders (who has the distinction of being the teacher at our school with the most obvious dye job) out of her post-middle-school-teaching retirement to take Moran's classes. Then Monsieur leaves to have hip replacement surgery so they switch Sanders to his classes, and bring in a different sub to take over her classes, which are really Moran's classes. Wouldn't it have made so much more sense to bring in one of the new teachers to take over for Madame, leave Moran where she was, and then bring in Sanders to take over for Monsieur? Why did they feel the need to make sure that some of these kids are going to have three different French teachers over the course of the year? This is totally going to scar the freshman, guys. They're going to go into their sophomore year all, "What do you mean, it isn't normal to have a different teacher every month? You mean I'm stuck with my crappy English teacher all year?! I was counting on him being gone soon!" 

Meh. So today at school wasn't all that great. Our anti-climactic Spanish play asside, I also sort of freaked out while taking a math test and started crying in the middle of class. Yeah. Logarithms can do that to you, yo.
The day wasn't all bad, though. To start out our Genre Studies unit on personal narrative, Mr. Garman read some Davis Sedaris aloud, and I was more than a little amused by the fact that one of his voices was a spot-on impression of Señor Senior Junior. I’m sure it was accidental, but still.

On a completely unrelated note, Jenny dared me to Google “Dora the Explorer porn” this afternoon, and I think she was a little disturbed at how readily I did it. The internet has ruined me. 

(Entry title quote attributed to the Sedaris story we read in GS. It's pretty much the most awesome opening line ever.)
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About the entry title- today's Pi Day, and I like that 3rd Rock quote, so I figured there'd be no better time to use it. Yayz. 

It's actually WARM here this afternoon- and I love it. We opened the windows on the bus this afternoon, but they stuck even more than usual because they'd been frozen shut for months. While Becca, Eliza, and I were trying to get our respective ones open I kept thinking, God, where's Crystal when you need her? XD

Sooooo we had our short story competition in Genre Studies today, and even though Joe Rankin wasn't in class today his group read his story anyway, and it ended up making it to the finals, so Mr. Garman read it aloud to the class. It was about a high-schooler who had to write a short story for his Genre Studies class, but he couldn't think of any ideas, and he ended up spending the entire day that it was due frantically writing it during his classes so that he could turn it in last period. It also featured appearances by "Mr. Morris", the most boring Mythology teacher ever; "Janie", the evil cafeteria lady (though Mr. Garman slipped up and actually said "Loretta" at one point), and "Billy", the Library Peon, who chased the narrator through the hallways after he forgot to sign out, and ended up running him over with a mobile lab and severing his achilles tendon. There were also mentions of Mr. Reeves and Mrs. Best (though I forgot the fake names that Mr. Garman used when he read it out loud). I really want a copy of that story now.

OH, AND MY PIE WAS GOOD YAY. A couple of people made comments about how awesome the crust was, which, of course, made Jenny laugh when I told her because she made the crust for me. In return, I'm going to let her use my Albert Einstein biography. And what else did we do... we tried to call Exeter, but Birthe's cell phone wasn't getting service. Also, Ricky didn't peel the apples before putting them in his pie. BWAHAHAHA.

Anyway, yes, I know that was a quick, badly-written entry, but I have tons of stuff to do. Even though it's Friday. *headdesk* Auf Wiedersehen.

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So I took my Algebra re-test, and I could do everything but the last problem... on my way downstairs, however, I suddenly realized how I could have solved the one I missed. I seriously had to keep myself from yelling, "SQUARE BOTH SIDES FIRST!" in the middle of the (empty) hallway. Dooooork. 

But heh- I watched two episodes of Avatar tonight (they show two every night...), and the second one was the one where they went to the Northern Water Tribe settlement and the waterbending teacher was all sexism!yay, and Sokka totally propositioned a princess, and I was just sitting there thinking about how hilarious it was that that actually got through the kiddie!filters. Seriously, though: "Do you want to do an activity together? For some time?" What else could that have meant?
Oh RIIIIIIIIIIN, GET ON AIM. I need to obsess with youuuuuu. And have you yell at me because I haven't gotten my hands on The Sil, but that's besides the point...


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LJ isn't blocked at school anymore! Too bad this didn't happen earlier, or I would have been able to waste even more time and learn even less in computer class. Which is where I am now. And seriously, the course name 'Intro to Adobe' sounds sort of fun- you get to draw pictures, manipulate images (this is where the whole 'pastede on yay' thing comes in), etc... but it's NOT. It's dull, and we don't get to do much of the cool stuff (think taking red-eye out of pictures of our teacher's nieces and nephews and clone-stamping motorboats out of peaceful water scenes). Also, Mrs. Sheldon hates me (seriously, every time I ask a question, I hear her sigh loudly as she walks over- it's actually kind of funny). Next semester I'll be in Mass Media this period (required classes are all made of FAIL- that's pretty much a general rule here), and sadly, I'm not sure that that's going to be much better. We won't have rolly chairs, and Mrs. Y teaches the class (I've never had her, but I've heard things).

An example of the amusing things that I uncover whilst not paying attention in class. Hee!

Okay, fine. What we're doing right now is pretty funny- we're messing with the photo of this random guy's face (as Blowdart pointed out, if you fix his receding hairline, he looks kind of like Wally!). On Monday I'm SO going to e-mail myself some of my own pictures to screw around with. But still, unless we keep doing amusing stuff like this, an hour more of this class is going to kill me.

So, I wonder if Ay Eff See is unblocked now. That'd be pretty sweet.

Lovely. AutoSave doesn't work at school, either. Thanks muchly, El jay.


Dec. 21st, 2007 05:28 pm
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HERLIHY MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET ME OUT OF GENRE STUDIES. This is seriously exciting. 'Cause the whole reason I'm in Genre Studies is because I need another half-credit of writing to graduate, but Herlihy thinks that he can convince The Administration to let me take Russian Studies (which I'm taking as an independent study right now, but it'd be so much more awesome to do it in a real class) instead, even though it's technically a social studies course. Because apparently they do a lot of writing in the class, or something. I don't really care about the technicalities, just as long as I can GET OUT OF GS. Anyway, if it goes through, maybe I'll replace Russian Studies IS with World History II IS... that'd be sweet.

I love Mr. Herlihy. I should- I bought $59 worth of Russian crafts from him today.


Nov. 21st, 2007 01:17 pm
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 Okay, you know what I find extremely amusing? Mr. Herlihy's obvious boy-crush on Michael Wood. I mean, they guy has a picture of the two of them (plus Mr. Monahan) on his bulletin board, for crying out loud! And today he was going on about how in one of his earlier videos about the Congo River, he took off his pants. 
... Yeah. I wonder if his, y'know, wife knows about this. *gringrin*

*sigh* I talk about school too much, I really do. But really, what do you expect? I spend the vast majority of my waking hours there. Heh. At least we're on a four-day break now for Thanksgiving... but some people didn't have to go to school at all today! And Dover has apparently been out all week or something... what the hell?

OH! We played Slap in Spanish today! With the flyswatters and everything! It was very exciting. I haven't played that since 7th grade German class. Hee.

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