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I am addicted to The Sims 3.

Well. Not addicted addicted, but I played it for about three hours straight yesterday. And I'll probably do something similar when I get back from class tonight (... yes, I'm in class right now-- LJing while taking notes on the side, yay). It's a good thing it's summer.

Also, I am completely loving this paid account oh my God. I originally got it for more icon space, but the extra layouts are amazing, too.
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Okay, so we went over to Alwood yesterday to see the Clabaughs, who are renting (Laura and I made Jenny our SLAVE), and we watched Pippi Longstocking. You know, the badly-dubbed Swedish one that I was TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH WHEN I WAS SEVEN. Seriously, I was way too excited about seeing it again. And now I really want to go out and buy it, along with the not-as-good one with the corny-but-great songs. Oh, yes. 

And also on the nostalgia topic- guess what CD-ROM I found lurking over at Dad's this morning? ROLLER COASTER TYCOON 2. ZOMGYES. I recall many, many hours spent screwing around with that game, making things such as an unnaturally small observation tower named 'The Holly Short', and christening merry-go-rounds things such as 'We've Turned the Corner' (Bush should SO be thanking us for the free publicity) and 'The Merry-and-Pippin-Go-Round'. Also, killing people by purposely making the rides defective. I wish I could still remember how to do that; it was great fun.
I also think one of the best was when we named a ride Nemo, and then hid it away in a very inaccessible place (like in the middle of a lake or something, probably). Everyone was wandering around going, "I can't find Nemo!" It was fantastic. 
That game will go down in history (along with Zoo Tycoon- animal abuse, The Scientist Frenzy, reenacting books- and Let's Ride: Rosemond Hill- glitches galore, impossible horse feats, JOHN) as one of the games that is soooo much more fun when played incorrectly. Whee.

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