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My last day of travel.

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So that's it! We got back to Boston that night and I was picked up by my parents. I didn't take as many pictures on the last few days due to the aforementioned insanity (also: the east coast/midwest weren't as exciting to me as everything else because I live on the east coast), but hopefully these last few days' worth weren't a complete disappointment. Thanks for reading!
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Oh hey, remember me? The last few days of my trip were pretty crazy and I didn't get a chance to post pictures or update, so I'm just doing it now... really, really late. Sorry about that.

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Yesterday's pictures, coming somewhat on time (?) for once!

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I was awake for the very first stop in North Dakota too, but since we were about two hours behind schedule, it was already dark and I didn't get any pictures.
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We're starting to head back east now; this day covers northern California through part of Washington state.

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Then night came.
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This is the first day of cell phone photos, due to the aforementioned broken camera. I still think most of them came out pretty well, though!

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That's all for yesterday; more on today coming this evening/tomorrow morning.
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Sorry this entry is so late! LJ's been down for a lot of today, so I haven't gotten a chance to post. Anyway, onward!

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After that my camera broke and I couldn't fix it myself, so future pictures will be cell phone quality.
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Sorry I didn't post this last night; we went through a semi-dead area in the evening and I couldn't upload the pictures.

Here we get into the more interesting stuff, IMHO-- we got off the east coast and into the midwest, and I walked around Chicago with [ profile] jeannette for a few hours!

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That's it for yesterday's pictures! I'll try to post today's tonight, but if we go through another dead area it'll have to wait until tomorrow.
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Okay, so it's the end of my first day, and I have literally no idea where we are right now. The last station I was aware of was Albany-Rensselaer in New York, but like I was telling [ profile] rinhriveiel over Facebook, there aren't exactly road signs along train routes (unfortunately; it'd be really handy if there were!).

Pictures of today are somewhat boring from my POV, mostly because we're still in the northeast and it's all really similar to the stuff I see at home every day-- but I'm posting them anyway. There are a few from inside the train too, but not many yet. I'll take more on the bigger train (the Superliner) I'll be on tomorrow.

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For the most part, today has been pretty much just sitting and looking at stuff out the window. The food's good; at dinner, I sat with a woman and we talked a loooooooot about animals and other things (but mostly animals), which was really fun. We exchanged email addresses so that we can send each other pictures of the different legs of our journeys (she's going to Dallas after we get to Chicago, and I'll be on my way to California). We also talked a little bit about family, and I felt like I sounded like a pathological liar when I got into some of our stuff ("my dad speaks Chinese, Russian, and Bulgarian and my mom speaks French and Bulgarian and also she used to work for the CIA!"), BECAUSE IT SOUNDS RIDICULOUS AND MADE-UP EVEN THOUGH IT'S TRUE.

Anyway, I'm up way past the time I was planning to be, so I'll post this and get off now. Tomorrow I'll get into Chicago at 9:45, see [ profile] jeannette, and then head off on the California Zephyr at two!
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Today I walked into Spanish class for the first time in close to a month, and the general reaction was "OH MY GOD HANNAH, YOU'RE ALIVE". I was amused. (I'm also so far behind it's not even funny, buuuuuut I'm not going to dwell on that for the moment.)

I also love how this year I've gotten SO LAZY at keeping up my room. Last year I kept things pretty sparse, but neat. This year, I went all-out with the decorating, but in terms of tidiness I'm just like, "FUCK IT *uses the floor as a dresser*". Seriously.

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Neil: "What was Shakespeare's inspiration for A Midsummer Night's Dream?"
Miss Bavier: "No one really knows."
Neal: "... Did they have opium in his time?"

I went to my sister's Spanish play today. It was weird walking past Madame's room. It was also weird being confronted by a janitor when we went up to wander around the second floor afterward (... no one ever used to have a problem with students hanging around after hours; that's my only excuse). I also stuck my head in a classroom door and shouted the name of one of my sister's friends who was in there, and even though it *looked* like people weren't really doing anything but bumming around Jenny maintains that she thought they were in the middle of something. I'm hoping she was wrong, though, because even though no one actually takes those skits seriously I'd still feel bad if some people got theirs interrupted by some random girl walking by and yelling "SONJA PAPE!" at them.

Anyway. The obvious real reason for this entry:

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Aren't my shoes awesome?
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Mr. LaForce: [reading the program notes for "Rise of the Firebird"] "The firebird, also known as the phoenix, bursts into flames and is reborn from its own ashes, stronger and more powerful than before."
Doug: "I can do that."
Mr. LaForce: "I know, wouldn't it be cool if I just burst into flames on the podium after the song?"
Maddie: "The longest recorded time of someone doing that is thirty-four seconds."
Taylor: "You mean people actually record how long it takes for someone to spontaneously combust?"
Maddie: "No, set themselves on fire."
Taylor: "People set themselves on fire?"
Maddie: "For a living."
Doug: "I do that."

They had these neat wall-decorating things at the campus store; you just stick them on, and they peel off really easily whenever you want to take them down. Impulse buys are win.

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Fooling around in my dorm room, taking pictures with my laptop.

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This is for [ profile] lylith_st, to prove that my hair fails in comparison to hers.

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So Wally (aka the Library Peon) is apparently going to sue our class for slander if we mention him in Follies. Seriously.

But yeah, I'm still a little confused about what exactly the senior prank *was*. They moved some tables around? Unplugged the computers? Turned the books so the spines faced in? So what? That's not a prank, that's just an inconvenience. Meh. I'm disappointed. I was hoping for something, you know, sort of epic. Though the drama that this is generating is kind of amusing- Wally's reaction of "LOCK THE LIBRARY DON'T LET ANYONE IN NO MATTER WHAT ZOMG!" is priceless. Oh, Wally. <3
And I'm fairly certain the rumor that someone took a dump on Wally's chair was total crap (no pun intended). Because... yeah.
By the way:

This, I feel is a very good representation of Wally. )

... Like three people are going to get that reference, but whatever (and yes, crappy Gimped picture is crappy- especially since that picture of his face is a photo of a photo from the school newspaper). But think about it- I can TOTALLY see Wally trying to kill anyone who tried to steal stuff from the library (and BWAHAHAHA, I will never be able to re-watch that Avatar episode without thinking of the owl dude confronting the Gaang and going, "SIGNNNNNN INNNNNN!").

Random rat!news: I need a good middle name for Marie. Any suggestions, people? Bonus points if it's something fandom-related, to go along with Rita Amber-the-Cutthroat-Bitch.
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Today, a random car pulled into our driveway, then turned aroud and left. This is especially unusual because we are the second-to-last house on a private road (everybody tends to ignore the 'private' signs, though, and no one really cares). This happened a couple of weeks ago, too- that time, a guy got out of the car, then immediately got back in and drove off. Maybe we're being stalked? That's got to be it, because a year or so ago there was this random guy who called claiming to be an friend of mom's from college (but he wouldn't give his name- he just kept saying, "Yes, you must remember me! I'm your old friend!"), and he wanted us to send him money and stuff. It was hilarious, even though it probably shouldn't have been. Mom put him on speakerphone and we all talked to him. We're not the brightest out there, I suppose.

Okay, so you know how sometimes you'll become obsessed with a song and listen to it all the time, even though it's not even really one of your favorite songs? I'm currently doing that with All Star by Smash Mouth and The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls. Seriously, I really only ever listen to my CDs/iPod when I'm in the car or on the bus, but whenever I do listen, I always listen to those songs at least once. Especially All Star, just because I've liked that song since I heard it in the first Shrek movie in sixth grade. (I first heard The Great Escape only recently, when I was listening to Jenny's iPod... hee, and she said, "I really love this song, but I hate that one line about killing birds." I had no idea what she's talking about, so she was all, "You know, watch a bird, let it die..." The actual line is 'watch it burn, let it die'. XD I love misheard lyrics.)
And even though I know this is not at all what the song's about, I think the chorus of The Great Escape should totally be about a jailbreak:

Throw it away, forget yesterday
We'll make the great escape
We won't hear a word they say
They don't know us anyway
Watch it burn, let it die
'Cause we are finally free tonighttttttt...

See?! It's about people escaping from prison! MISUNDERSTOOD prisoners, apparently. Who then BURN THE PRISON DOWN. I should definitely write fic about this. First I need a fandom about prisons, though. Prison Break? Oz?
... Yeah. 

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Lately I've been reading an excess amount of Lord of the Rings fic... actually, that's pretty much all I've been reading online (except for yesterday's ANGSTY CARTOON FIC- and yes, that must always be written in all caps). I need to get a life. Desperately. The Mellon Chronicles are made of absolute LOVE- I read them all ages ago, and am probably going to re-read them again soon (hopefully the've stood the test of time... I hate it when things aren't as good as you remember them being).

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We went out for Chinese food tonight, and when we (my mom, my sister, and I) combined our 'speak Chinese' phrases from the backs of our fortune cookie fortunes, we learned how to say 'goodnight, five thousand lovers'. It was awesome. 
Slightly less awesome was the fact that I'm almost positive that I saw Mme. Kissack across sitting a few booths away from us (she was sitting down just as we were leaving). I had to get out of there really quickly so she wouldn't be able to try and molest me or something. I hope she didn't see me, but if she did, we all know she'll mention it next time she subs... which will hopefully be never. Seriously, can't the school get more competent language subs who don't blantantly favor some students/classes over others? And who are actually fluent in the language they're supposed to be teaching? Because it was really sad how many times we had to correct her grammar/sentences during the three months we had her last year. Also, she killed Madame's plants. 
But still, there's hope for this year, I suppose- she's only subbed twice so far, and Madame doesn't think she'll need to be hospitalized this year (but then again, it's not like it was expected last time...). And when Kissack does sub, it's always fun to be the first one in the room, and then sit back and watch how horrified people look when they see who's teaching class that day. Heh.

Anyway. In other, less whiny news, I've been fooling around with the scrapbook aspect of this site. Today's experiment is... posting pictures in my entries. You KNOW you're excited. 

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