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Not only is today ~Friday the 13th~, it's also 10-13. How awesome. Is that. And in our math homework due today, we had... thirteen problems. Dun dun duuuun. 
And I'd just like to add to my never-ending list of tests and projects another Peace Studies project, and a Geometry quiz on Tuesday. Joy and bliss. I don't mind the quizzes/tests much, but the projects are murder.

Random of fact of the day (which, I'll say again, is ~Friday the 13th~): You can add yourself to your own friends list. and I even made a category just for myself! I enjoy wallowing in my loser-dome! (Is that a word? No? Meh. If the president can make up new words, so can I. 
... Not that I'm endorsing anything the president does, mind you.) 

Oh, and something I find funny about the archive calendar list of all my entries... you go waaay back to August (because that was so long ago) and look at the number of entries I had each day- the list is something like this: "1... 1... 2... 1... 2... 1... 1... 1... 10... 1... " Hee. 

In other, more sobre news, FBEye has been killed officially- and replaced by a not as amusing, but just as obscure show. I think it's about Kung Fu or something. Anyway. But I watched FBEye right up until the end. I think what I will remember most about the show is the way Jack followed Sue around like a lovesick puppy. Because when you get right down to it, that's pretty much what he was. Poor kid. 
It really wasn't a bad show, though. Sure, it was cheesy- but a lot of the humour (the intentional humour, that is) was pretty clever, and the characterization wasn't half bad, for the most part (ironically, the most unbelievable and least developed character was Sue Thomas herself, the title character and, as far as I know, the only one actually based on a real person).  Sure, it got dangerously close to 7th Heaven territory at times (God!Mentioning), and the "romance" was a joke (but really, what romance isn't?), and... meh. I'd still buy DVDs, if they ever make 'em. It really wasn't a bad show. Even though I made fun of it mercelessly. But really, what do you expect from someone who MSTs Nancy Drew books for a living?
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I convinced/forced (you can use your imagination to guess which one it was) ma famille to watch "The Stackhouse Filibuster" with me... but Jenny backed out at the last minute, because I had recently shown her the "moveobjects on" cheat on The Sims 2, and she delighted in getting her people in the pool, then going into "Buy" mode, picking them up, putting them in the house, and watching the fun as, in "Live" mode, they continued to swim around indoors as if they were still in the pool. Quite amusing. Almost as entertaining as watching my Toby-Sim being carried away by the pizza truck (long story) yesterday... thank goodness I didn't save, so I got him back. : ) 
Anyway, I love "The Stackhouse Filibuster". It contains one of my favorite lines of the entire series, spoken by C.J. (well, the line was started by Josh, and finished by C.J. But the best bit was by C.J. Anyway.): 

"We stared at fourteen different television sets while calculating in our heads the time it would take Grissom to walk from his office to the floor and we were frozen in silence as we listened to the rules of blackjack." 

LoveloveLOVE this quote. Weird thing is, I'm not even sure why. It's not awesomely inspirational or tearjerkingly beautiful like so many of my other favorite quotes from the series... but it is SUCH a West Wing-esque quote! Hee. 
The F.B.Eye "marathon" was today. Is it just me, or was it totally pointless to show the first episode in a two-part set, but not the second? o.O If I hadn't already seen them together a while ago, I would have been frusterated. Heh. Oh, and the ending of the last ep ("Fraternity"), was most amusing. Lucy tells Sue she will make a great mom (not would make a great mom, but will- like it's set in stone), and two seconds later, Jack comes running up. Coincidence? Or annoyingly obvious director-hinting psuedo-UST? YOU be the judge! 
(But come on, you know it's the last one.)

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Toby was in I Am Sam! (Hee. Sam. Toby. w00t.) I'm seeing West Wing people everywhere lately. Josh in "Firewalker", Toby in IaS, Charlie in the commercials for that new TV show that I forget the name of but they show ads for it at movie theatres... yay. 
Speaking of TV shows... I bought House, season 2! Huzzah! I'm in the middle of "House vs. God" (well, not right NOW... right now I'm typing here. But whatever), which I've heard is a really good episode. And after that comes the two-part ep where Foreman almost dies (I know this because I read spoilers like mad. It's like a disease). So far the season's pretty good (I'd only seen two episodes, "Sex Kills" and "Distractions" in reruns because I only started watching the show a month or so ago, after the second season ended)... but in "Hunting"? Geez, Cameron really does get around, doesn't she? But I'm happy because this season has a ton of House/Cuddy banter, which is one of my favorite things about the show. Hee. Cuddy's one of my favorite characters. I'm not quite sure if that's mainly because she's LAURIE, though.
Anyway, speaking of TV shows (again)... I taped F.B.Eye last night. Because I really am that sad. Yes, it is on on Sundays (for now), so I really didn't need to write that sob-story entry from last week or so... but anywhoo. The unthinkable happened. In last night's ep... Sue did not mention God. Not once. I was shocked. Mystified. Convinced that the world was coming to an end. I mean, she was friggin' kidnapped, you don't think that'd merit some cheesy "I survived because God saved me" line, but noooo. Ah, well. There was this weird slow-motion shot at the very end of Jack and Sue getting into a car with huge, fake-looking smiles on their faces. That kind of left me with a "WTF?" feeling. But I wanted God Mentioning.
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House comes out tomorrow! Now let's just hope that Best Buy has it... they're usually pretty good about getting things on the shelves on their release dates, though (well, at least they were for MST3K Volume 9. And 'Danger By Design'- yes, yes, you may stop laughing at me for liking Nancy Drew computer games now). 

*sigh* I do believe that F.B.Eye has been cancelled. Well, it was actually cancelled a couple years ago. I mean the reruns seem to have been cancelled. This is very sad. 
There's a marathon on September 2nd (um, yeah, if you call three episodes a marathon), but other than that, it seems to have been replaced by an idiotic-looking show called Mamma's Family. Oy. 
So apparently I'm going to have to find something else to do on weeknights from 8 to 9, because the days of making fun of the blatantly obvious UST between Sue and Jack (a.k.a. counting how many times they get called a "cute couple", and they both kind of smile and look away... but don't deny it), and, of course, Sue's daily Mentioning of God (in every episode, I tell you! It's hilarious the way she just crams it in there) are over. 
Unless the show comes out on DVD. I'd buy it. But I doubt that's ever going to happen. I think that all cancelled TV shows should have DVD sets avaliable, even if they weren't that popular (I know that's being unrealistic, but I'm just saying). Because it's sad to think of shows, any shows, and people, no matter how few, like fading away into oblivion. Meh. 
Anyway, maybe another network will pick it up or something, but I doubt it because it's not really that popular a show. I only found out about it because Jenny's friend Sonja told me it was good (and she knew I was obsessed with the FBI), and I only started watching it... erm, in late July, I think it was. And for a somewhat cliched (not all the time, just occasionally), sort of Christian!Values-ish show, it was good. It was funny. The theme song was catchy.  And Tara was absolutely adorable. 
So even though I'm being a bit pathetic (but seriously... this is me now, with a show that I just like? Try cancelling reruns of a show that I'm obsessed with (West Wing... X-Files...well, okay, maybe with that one it's just Scully), and not giving me access to the DVDs. I'd be a wreck), I'm still feeling pretty sad about this. I get attached to things, be they book characters or television shows or red-headed, skeptical female FBI agents, too easily. 
Seriously though, three episodes is so not a marathon.   

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