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I still hope Michael and Holly start dating again. Still.
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Amazingly, it wasn't the Holiness that is The West Wing. It was the less-than-holy, but still wonderfully funny The Office. Which I had not seen much at all of until last Friday night. 

I watched the entire friggin' season in less than three days. 

Oh, my God. 

Reflections: Pam is adorable. (I mean like... Tara-adorable, or Sam-adorable, of course.) She has a great laugh. And she and Jim are just great together. I'm totally friendshipping them right now. Hee. They are so cute with each other. 
I'm going to have to start watching the show regularly now. So, that takes up Thursday nights. Wonderful. 

Oh, and something I forgot to mention last entry... we had a fire drill Thursday. Five minutes before the end of last period. We had to stand outside in the cold (well, okay, it wasn't that cold at all) for the longest time (read: ten minutes) while the fire department came. The whole shebang. And when we got to the middle school, they were all like, "WhAt HaPpEnEd WuZ uR pRoBlEm We'Re GoNnA bE lAaAaAaAaTe!" (No, the middle schoolers do not all talk like Torgo. The majority of them are very nice, witty, and intelligent. I just think it's funny to type like that.) 
Obviously, someone pulled it, because not even our school administration is bad enough at planning to pull something like that. I think it was probably some weird initiation for the new principal, whom everyone is suspicious of because she's all buddy-buddy with Mrs. Wotton. And because she's the fourth principal we've had in three years. The first guy, Mr. Lafferty (who'd been there a while) was great, and everyone loved him. But then he died when I was a freshman. They brought another guy (from the school board, or something) to temporarily replace him, but within a few months, he died. No joke. So then Hallie's dad came out of retirement for a while (which ended up to be almost a year), just until we found someone else. Then they hired Mrs. Rogers, and Hallie's Dad (who was also much-loved) left. 
Complicated, huh? Our school is TEH DRAMA.

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