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So a demo version of this game was sitting on the table at the Pizza Hut I went to with Mom and Jenny last weekend. The name combined with the first quote on the box had us in hysterics. WE ARE SUCH PERVS. :|

But oh WOW, was Tuesday night crazy. They had a big election night party at the MUB (I didn't go because I was too tired, meh), and I was asleep from about nine or so till eleven, when Mom called and woke me up. At that point the insanity was really only just starting- people were whooping and screaming on their way back from the election party, and this girl in my dorm (I can't remember her name at the moment, ugh) came in and said, "They're running the streets!" Things calmed down after an hour or so, but then started up again the next morning. Heh.
(Obama also won 75% of the mock vote at ORHS. Oh, and Grant Chamberlain can apparently do a hilarious Sarah Palin impression. I would have paid to see that.)

Pffffft what else. OH. THE NEW SADDLE CLUB ISN'T NEARLY AS FUN TO MAKE FUN OF AS THE OLD ONE. I'm probably not going to bother mocking it much at all- I mean, they still have reruns of the old version on Discovery Kids and they're (unintentional) COMEDY GOLD.
Though I did notice that on the new season, they named Melanie's friend after that old-show actress that died. That was nice of them.

... I hate the new profile page. D: I'm still going to renew my paid account for one of my RP journals, though.


"I'm still going to renew my paid account of one of my RP journals" is probably the dorkiest sentence I've ever written.

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Jenny and I got our weekly dose of snark in watching The Saddle Club this evening. The best quote was from the show itself, no add-ons from us: 

Some Kid: "Mrs. Reg says she's having a foal." 

We were screaming with laughter. Obviously, they don't mean Mrs. Reg herself was having a foal, but that's what it sounded like, even in context. Oy vey. 

And the best quote from one of us was from about the middle of the episode we were watching, when Lisa was all, "ZOMG appendicitis!" in the middle of nowhere, rolling around on the ground and clutching her stomach... so, in an effort to get the apparently dying Lisa on her back, the horse she had been riding gets down on the ground like he's going to roll and 'offers' her back to Lisa- and Jenny goes:
"Hey everybody, guess who I am! 'Ohhh, owww, my stomach..." 
Because the horse totally wasn't trying to help, he was just making fun of Lisa by imitating her. *nodnod*

Hee. We're such dorks. 

The title quote I used for this entry, by the way, comes from yet another Saddle Club episode- and it's so bizarre because, of course, 'Veronica and Kristy' is three words- not one or two. 

*sigh* D'you think they realize that their show is this stupid?

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The Saddle Club has got to the the most bizarre TV show to ever have been created. (Unfortunately, I can't say it's the stupidest- that award goes to 7th Heaven.) It just confuses me. It's a hell of a lot of fun to mock, though. This one episode that was on Discovery Kids today (a network that should terminate all their current shows except for 'Screech Owls' and 'Strange Days'), the snobby girl Veronica's horse was kidnapped by some teh ebol boyz. You could tell how evil they were because they all wore black, all the time. How gangsta! Plus, no one could decide what gender the horse was. First Veronica was all, "My horse has been kidnapped! I can't find her!" Then later, Carole's like, "Here's Garnet! I found him!" o.O. 

The episode I really want to see is the one where Stevie decides that it's a good idea to go cantering around the woods helmet-less because it will detract attention from her pimple (?), and then when she falls off and gets a concussion (of course) she insists on riding in a competition anyway. Hee hee. Great role model. 

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