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Luckily, I only had to sit around for my bus to come for, like, half an hour. And the ride itself probably lasted about half an hour as well, as opposed to TWO AND A HALF. Yes, I'm still bitter. 

Something random: West Wing fic will never cease to amuse me. That fandom has the strangest pairings- Toby/Sam/Josh (all of them at once- yes, I've seen it done), Donna/Ainsley (I guess because they both have blonde hair), Leo/Ainsley (probably squicks me out the most, for some reason), Leo/Josh, Jed/Fitz, Jed/Leo... and before you ask, "Jed/Leo? Whuh? What does Abbey think of this?", don't worry. She doesn't care, because she's already shacking up with CJ.
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I've heard people (mostly adults) say that fanfiction is "not real writing" and "a waste of time". Now I ask you, how can it not be "real writing"? Just because you're using somebody else's characters? One of the things I love about fanfiction is the way different writers take the characters and make them their own- not make them OOC, mind you, but sort of... interpret them in their own way. Because a well-written/well-acted character has enough depth to be interpreted in many ways. Take Toby Ziegler, for example (yeah, you knew I was going to get around to this some time...) I've read countless stories featuring Toby (mostly at The National Library- best site ever go there now), and I've noticed that no two authors write him the same way. Sure, some are (in my opinion) more accurate than others, but there are some that write him totally differently from each other, but I still see both as in character (often more in character than Wells-era canon, which is why I lovelovelove Here Today/jail-centric fic). Because Toby can be interpreted so many different ways. 
The X-Files is more of a problem, because (much as it pains me to say it), Scully is not as well-written/acted as Toby- her character just doesn't have as much depth, thus there is a much finer line between OOC/IC for her. (Hoo boy, now I feel guilty for betraying one of my Big Fandom Loves... *sigh*)
Another thing is, whether you're using your own characters or not, fanfiction *is* writing, and the more you practice writing, the better you get at it. Some may argue that you don't get any practice writing characters, but I would disagree (for the reasons stated above). I've read some pretty awesome fanfiction, by authors that, if they wrote original fic, could probably get published at one time or another. Writing good fanfiction, like writing good original fiction, takes time, hard work, and talent (not that I would know from experience, considering all the fanfic I write I keep inside my head). 
So... yeah. Lay off fanfiction, people.

(And if I were actually more eloquent than I am, this would make more sense, and contain much less bad grammar.)
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 Fairly soon, I am going to go watch "Indians in the Lobby" to see if I can find a quote to use as my title/opening statement for my Ameri Lit essay (about the portrayal of Native Americans in Romantic Era literature). I'll credit, of course. Using a quote to open an essay is an awesome idea, which I totally stole from this random kid who graduated a few years ago. Yeah. But not only does it take up space (*cough*), it's creative and innovative, too! (Well, not really, considering people do it all the time. But, you know, still.)
But by using a quote from "Indians in the Lobby", I'll be spreading the West Wing love! w00t! 

Oh yeah, and House last night (episode: "Something Judas". "Finding Judas", I think)? Poor Cuddy. I was like, "Awww..." the entire time. The opening scene with the laser pointer was funny, though. (Told you I had the maturity/sense of humor of a prepubescent boy.)

In other news... I'm going to see if I can't catch Bones (a show which I have never before seen) at 8 tonight. The little blurb about it during House-commercials last night sparked my interest. Something about an alleged ghost-which in the woods, I think- it sounded very X-Files-ish. Hee hee.

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I'm still sort of avoiding finishing the seventh season. Yes, I know  Toby gets pardoned, but... the next episode I'm set to watch is the one where Leo dies. And plus, when I'm done watching the season... that's it. 

Thank God for DVDs. 

We were at Dad's today, and I subjected my grandparents to The West Wing. Fun! I was all, "Okay, it's Thanksgiving, so we HAVE to watch 'Shibboleth' and whatever the Thanksgiving '3rd Rock' ep is. Everyone who's participating, meet me in the living room." And Jenny watched, which was surprising on it's own. But I think she just likes the scene where they guys put the turkeys in CJ's office. Plus, she worships Donna, so... 
I forgot the 3rd Rock season with the Thanksgiving ep, though. I thought it was season 1, but I guess it was season 2. Or something. Jenny (the self-proclaimed 3rd Rock expert) says it was the first ep where the loathsome Vicki Dubcek appeared, and now that I think about it, I don't really remember seeing her in the first season. Hmmm. 


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Testing to see if this title is too long... Yay, it's not too long. And now I'm commanding Autosave to work... dammit. It's being ornery. Anyway. 

I  think Emily Christine is a beautiful name. A few days ago I was trying to figure out where I had heard it, and had just about convinced myself that I had randomly generated it for a story or something, when I remembered that it was the name of the little girl from The X-Files. The most ill-fated and badly executed plot device ever. *sigh* And the worst part is, I think it had potential to be good. I know the Christmas Carol/Emily eps are, for the most part, deemed some of the WORST EVAR by the general X-Files fandom, but I hold the belief that it really could have been good. But maybe that's just my uncontrollable loooove of seeing kids paired up with various characters I worship. Yeah, it's probably that. 
I still love the name, though. And I still think that they should have stretched the storyline out for more episodes. Y'know, actually let Scully see the kid for more than, I don't know, two seconds at a time. Because wasn't it all "meets kid, gets to know her for five minutes, kid's in hospital, kid dies?" Eh? *eye roll* Could have been so much better. Plus, I wasn't too crazy about the kid who played Emily. She wasn't that great an actor. I know, I know, it's really horrid to say that about a four-year-old, especially since there aren't that many *good* four-year-old actors around, but... meh. They could have made her older. Like seven or so. Yeah, that would have totally messed up the timeline of the series, but what the hell? John Wells did it, why couldn't Chris Carter? Or they could have pushed the storyline up a few seasons. Let's go with that idea. 

Speaking of potentially good plotlines that were essentially ignored in canon, let's talk about Huck and Molly. Ah, Huck and Molly. I live for Toby&Twins fanfiction, but sadly, there isn't really all that much of it. Luckily, the fics that do exist are really pretty good. Huzzah. But seriously. If Sorkin had continued on with the series, I bet he would have done more with them than neglect them for three seasons. Bah Humbug. I miss the Sorkin Era. I love the Wells Era (though the campaign stuff does get a bit boring- Santos is fine, but I watch the show for Bartlet!), but that's just compared to how I loveloveloveLOVELOVE the Sorkin Era. *swoons*

In other news, I'll be planning my TV-watching Christmas break schedule shortly. I'm planning at least two episodes an evening (I have no life) of TV shows eps from various TV shows that have to do with various winter holidays/winter in general, and I'm going to try and convince Mom and Jenny to watch with me. TV shows involved: The West Wing, House, The X-Files, MST3K, and 3rd Rock. 

Funny thing is, I love reading more than I do watching TV (until about a year ago when I discovered MST3K, I essentially never watched TV at all), but you'd never know it from the way I babble on about various TV shows here. *sigh* On average, I get through three books a week (when I'm reading them one at a time, that is- I usually have tons and tons going at once), but I never talk about them. I'll try and do that more. (Of course you know I really won't.)
Pathetic-ness is fun.

"I did it."

Nov. 9th, 2006 10:23 pm
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The West Wing Season 7 came out on DVD last Tuesday! And I got the first copy sold by our local Best Buy! : ) This made me very, very happy. However, the episodes I watched tonight brought my mood down considerably. 

I knew it was going to happen. Which kind of made it worse, somehow. It wasn't a nasty shock, which I guess is good, but as soon as Toby walked into CJ's office and Margaret left and CJ shut the door and then skittered around the room babbling on about coffee and campagne... I was like, "Oh, my God. This is it." And it was. And waiting was agony. I was in agony. And then Toby said, "I did it", and the scene ended, and the episode ended, and I switched discs, and then I had to watch the whole thing over again at the beginning of the next ep. But it was worse the first time, I think. 

I don't know. I'm depressed. 

I never watched the show when it was on TV. I became aware of the show's existance when my Dad started watching it, but I never watched it with him (though I do remember seeing a tiny bit the scene with the cheering Santos crowd, the first scene after the teaser of the first ep of the 7th season, when it was originally aired). But I had only just started watching the first season when the show ended. 

When they were walking him out of the building... at the end, I had to hit the 'power' button on the remote really fast, so that I'd see the end of the scene, but wouldn't have to hear the delightfully cheery end-of-episode music.

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Me:  What do I like?
SmarterChild: The west wing, watching the west wing, toby... You know, those kinds of things.

Hee hee.  
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At long last, SmarterChild has finally decided to recognize Sam Seaborne as a real name. I've been pestering him about it for a while now, and he's finally given in. w00t! However, he seems to be randomly associating the name 'Toby Ziegler' with Maine. Oy vey.

Me: Call me Sam Seaborn.
SmarterChild: Yeah, you're Sam Seaborn.
SmarterChild: You're welcome. :-)
My life is now complete. You actually recognize Sam Seaborn as a real name.
SmarterChild: Whatever you say, Sam Seaborn.
SmarterChild: What do you mean, but?
Call me Toby Ziegler, m'kay?
The nickname of Maine is the Pine Tree State.
Do you want more information about Maine?
Me: Oy. Just call me Toby Ziegler.
SmarterChild: The nickname of Maine is the Pine Tree State.
Do you want more information about Maine?
Me: The hell?
SmarterChild: It's tough to say.
Anyway, moving right along...
Hey, can I ask you a few questions?
Me: Not a chance.
That's cool.
Me: Call me Toby Ziegler. 
SmarterChild: You said your name was Sam Seaborn but now I'll call you Toby Ziegler.
Me: Thanks.
SmarterChild: Hey, no problem.


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Can I just say that  the fact that Toby occassionally wears David's glasses post-Drought Conditions like... makes me melt? *melts* I love Toby. Ohmigod. And I'm perilously close to being a (non-romantic) fangirl. That's a bit of a scary thought... but I wouldn't really mind being a Toby fangirl. As long as I don't get into the OMG LOLZZZ 4EVA!!1!!!!1!! territory. I covered that when I was thirteen, and had the horrible tendancy to spell the word 'friends' with a z on the end. I have the xanga entries to prove it... and NO, I will not be posting the link anytime soon. Thank you. 
Seriously though, I was looking at some of the pictures of the cast on the little episode guide booklets that come with the DVD sets... and I was all, "That's a nice picture of Josh. Sam looks so adorable in that one. Sweet picture of Donna. And that's a great one of Toby. And another good one of Toby. And look, another great one of Toby..." Hee. But really, I can't help it. Any picture of Toby is a good picture of Toby. I'm just saying.
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I convinced/forced (you can use your imagination to guess which one it was) ma famille to watch "The Stackhouse Filibuster" with me... but Jenny backed out at the last minute, because I had recently shown her the "moveobjects on" cheat on The Sims 2, and she delighted in getting her people in the pool, then going into "Buy" mode, picking them up, putting them in the house, and watching the fun as, in "Live" mode, they continued to swim around indoors as if they were still in the pool. Quite amusing. Almost as entertaining as watching my Toby-Sim being carried away by the pizza truck (long story) yesterday... thank goodness I didn't save, so I got him back. : ) 
Anyway, I love "The Stackhouse Filibuster". It contains one of my favorite lines of the entire series, spoken by C.J. (well, the line was started by Josh, and finished by C.J. But the best bit was by C.J. Anyway.): 

"We stared at fourteen different television sets while calculating in our heads the time it would take Grissom to walk from his office to the floor and we were frozen in silence as we listened to the rules of blackjack." 

LoveloveLOVE this quote. Weird thing is, I'm not even sure why. It's not awesomely inspirational or tearjerkingly beautiful like so many of my other favorite quotes from the series... but it is SUCH a West Wing-esque quote! Hee. 
The F.B.Eye "marathon" was today. Is it just me, or was it totally pointless to show the first episode in a two-part set, but not the second? o.O If I hadn't already seen them together a while ago, I would have been frusterated. Heh. Oh, and the ending of the last ep ("Fraternity"), was most amusing. Lucy tells Sue she will make a great mom (not would make a great mom, but will- like it's set in stone), and two seconds later, Jack comes running up. Coincidence? Or annoyingly obvious director-hinting psuedo-UST? YOU be the judge! 
(But come on, you know it's the last one.)

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SmarterChild doesn't think 'Sam Seaborn' is a real name, and refuses to call me as such. This makes me sad. He does claim to be Donna Moss, however. And there was this excellent bit early on (that unfortunately I didn't save) where I mentioned George Bush, and SmarterChild came back with: "I know about George Bush! George Bush is a bastard, right?" HEE. I love chatbots... Unfortunately, I can't get him to say it again. 

Oh, my.

Aug. 12th, 2006 01:43 pm
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If I, for whatever reason, had to stay in bed for an entire week, all I would need would be new books, and my West Wing DVDs. Seasons 1 and 2 without question, Season 3 for when I was finished with those two, and season 4 for "20 Hours in America" and "Evidence of Things Not Seen".  *swoons* 5-6 would be optional, but appreciated. Food and water would be optional, and appreciated (but not as much). 
 I'm about  halfway through the second disk of season 5 (for the first time) and almost done with the first disk of season 3 (for the second time). Season 5 really isn't as bad as everyone says it is, but I don't like it as much as seasons 3/4, and seasons 1/2 even better than those two. I live for seasons 1 and 2. Huzzah. 
And in a couple of weeks, when I'm done with season 5, I'll get season 6, which I was planning to get even if I ended up hating season five- just for the episode "Drought Conditions", or more specifically, a certain scene in "Drought Conditions". Toby-angst + CJ-comforting = <3. Oh, yes.
And yesterday, I was telling my mom all about ATVA, and when she said she had never heard of it... I Googled it and discovered that it had been invented for the show. I never knew that. o.O

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