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Lately I've been reading an excess amount of Lord of the Rings fic... actually, that's pretty much all I've been reading online (except for yesterday's ANGSTY CARTOON FIC- and yes, that must always be written in all caps). I need to get a life. Desperately. The Mellon Chronicles are made of absolute LOVE- I read them all ages ago, and am probably going to re-read them again soon (hopefully the've stood the test of time... I hate it when things aren't as good as you remember them being).

Cut for randomness, and images... random images, if you will. )
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I've heard people (mostly adults) say that fanfiction is "not real writing" and "a waste of time". Now I ask you, how can it not be "real writing"? Just because you're using somebody else's characters? One of the things I love about fanfiction is the way different writers take the characters and make them their own- not make them OOC, mind you, but sort of... interpret them in their own way. Because a well-written/well-acted character has enough depth to be interpreted in many ways. Take Toby Ziegler, for example (yeah, you knew I was going to get around to this some time...) I've read countless stories featuring Toby (mostly at The National Library- best site ever go there now), and I've noticed that no two authors write him the same way. Sure, some are (in my opinion) more accurate than others, but there are some that write him totally differently from each other, but I still see both as in character (often more in character than Wells-era canon, which is why I lovelovelove Here Today/jail-centric fic). Because Toby can be interpreted so many different ways. 
The X-Files is more of a problem, because (much as it pains me to say it), Scully is not as well-written/acted as Toby- her character just doesn't have as much depth, thus there is a much finer line between OOC/IC for her. (Hoo boy, now I feel guilty for betraying one of my Big Fandom Loves... *sigh*)
Another thing is, whether you're using your own characters or not, fanfiction *is* writing, and the more you practice writing, the better you get at it. Some may argue that you don't get any practice writing characters, but I would disagree (for the reasons stated above). I've read some pretty awesome fanfiction, by authors that, if they wrote original fic, could probably get published at one time or another. Writing good fanfiction, like writing good original fiction, takes time, hard work, and talent (not that I would know from experience, considering all the fanfic I write I keep inside my head). 
So... yeah. Lay off fanfiction, people.

(And if I were actually more eloquent than I am, this would make more sense, and contain much less bad grammar.)
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It was utterly preposterous. And I thought Hollywood AD (which was funny at times) and X-Cops (which could have been good if they'd gotten rid of the Cops) were bad. Oy friggin' vey. *headdesk* 

I did finish the season, though. Could The Cigarette-Smoking Man have died in a more anti-climatic way, though? I mean, seriously- Krycek pushed him down a staircase?? C'mon. (Though, this is the X-Files... ten bucks says he didn't actually die- just like Mulder, who "died", like, five times.)

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I did get the seventh season of the X-Files. Spending money is fun! I like it, so far- better than season six, for the most part. And the Sein Und Zeit/Closure ep-arc = love. Especially Closure, especially that last scene with Mulder in the woods. ZOMG. I keep thinking about that scene and its utter awesomeness, and how I really want to get ahold of a copy of that music that's playing in the background. *sigh* Sure makes up for the WTF-ness that is Hollywood, A.D. (Were the writers high when the wrote that, or what?)

Ummm, other episodes that I watched so far... (I've been watching them out of order- I watch most of  the MotWs first, then I go onto the mytharcs-)... It was cool in Hungry how they kind of did the whole ep from the suspect's (forget his name...) point of view, rather than the agents'. Though on average, it wasn't the greatest episode. Meh. (But then again, my expectations for these later seasons aren't too high to begin with... so I'm not really disappointed, and when truly good eps like Closure come up, I'm pleasantly surprised.) I also really liked the end of The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (which I just finished), but because of the ZOMGbestfriendz aspect rather than the Mulder + Scully = twoo wuv aspect. Actually, that ep was pretty good, for the most part (as was the season opener). It was interesting to see that the makeup department hasn't gotten any better at making people look teh olde since Dod Kalm.
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(This entry should probably be a continuation of my last entry, which was crap, but I don't care.)

I'm most likely going to buy The X-Files season 7. Oy vey. I initially planned on only buying the first six seasons (all of which I had by the beginning of last summer) because those were the Noromo seasons, but... I kinda need my Scully fix. Even if it's post-season 4!Scully. And I know that Donnie Pfaster comes back in one episode, so I want to see that, because of teh angst. *is so mean and wrong*
I don't know. The first season is my favorite, no contest, but I love the second and third seasons as well. But after that... I *enjoyed* almost all of the episodes (all that I've watched- I'll admit to having skipped Travelers in season 5 and... whatever the talking tattoo one was in season 4- I'm having a brain fart; I forget the name), but they just seemed... different, you know? Seasons 1-3 rocked (as previously stated), and season 4 was very good (Paper Hearts and Elegy being two of my favorite X-Files eps of *all time*, not just in that season- all my other favorites are from the first three seasons), season 5 was good, season six was a little better than season 5 (sort of)... but meh. I still need my Scully-fix. 

But speaking of Scully, she *does* change after... I want to say after season 4 ends, but there is a little bit of different-ness in the fourth season that I've noticed. She gets a bit darker, and more sarcastic. And her hair changes. I liked it way better in the earlier seasons. In my personal canon, I've chalked this up to the effect Emily's death had on her (Emily's death, by the way- and I know I've mentioned this, but- it was a totally wasted storyline. Oh my God, Chris Carter, I'm disappointed in you), which has somewhat helped me 'understand' this change (And All Souls = love; I don't care what you say). 

... Yeah. I've been watching a bit of the sixth season recently (Arcadia today, Trevor a couple days ago- and by the way, I would just like to say that as an adament Noromo and a former skeptic that the 'Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple, UST and innuendo abound, wheee!' plot would ever amount to a hill of beans, I would just like to say that I thought Arcadia was pretty good- especially for post-season 4. It could have been so much worse- believe me, I anticipated it.), and apart from episodes like Rain King, which was utterly ridiculous, I generally enjoy it. 

Seasons 7-9 are going to totally blow the money I've been saving, though. But that's the price you have to pay. 

(I'm so dwamatic.)(No, that's not a typo.)

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Testing to see if this title is too long... Yay, it's not too long. And now I'm commanding Autosave to work... dammit. It's being ornery. Anyway. 

I  think Emily Christine is a beautiful name. A few days ago I was trying to figure out where I had heard it, and had just about convinced myself that I had randomly generated it for a story or something, when I remembered that it was the name of the little girl from The X-Files. The most ill-fated and badly executed plot device ever. *sigh* And the worst part is, I think it had potential to be good. I know the Christmas Carol/Emily eps are, for the most part, deemed some of the WORST EVAR by the general X-Files fandom, but I hold the belief that it really could have been good. But maybe that's just my uncontrollable loooove of seeing kids paired up with various characters I worship. Yeah, it's probably that. 
I still love the name, though. And I still think that they should have stretched the storyline out for more episodes. Y'know, actually let Scully see the kid for more than, I don't know, two seconds at a time. Because wasn't it all "meets kid, gets to know her for five minutes, kid's in hospital, kid dies?" Eh? *eye roll* Could have been so much better. Plus, I wasn't too crazy about the kid who played Emily. She wasn't that great an actor. I know, I know, it's really horrid to say that about a four-year-old, especially since there aren't that many *good* four-year-old actors around, but... meh. They could have made her older. Like seven or so. Yeah, that would have totally messed up the timeline of the series, but what the hell? John Wells did it, why couldn't Chris Carter? Or they could have pushed the storyline up a few seasons. Let's go with that idea. 

Speaking of potentially good plotlines that were essentially ignored in canon, let's talk about Huck and Molly. Ah, Huck and Molly. I live for Toby&Twins fanfiction, but sadly, there isn't really all that much of it. Luckily, the fics that do exist are really pretty good. Huzzah. But seriously. If Sorkin had continued on with the series, I bet he would have done more with them than neglect them for three seasons. Bah Humbug. I miss the Sorkin Era. I love the Wells Era (though the campaign stuff does get a bit boring- Santos is fine, but I watch the show for Bartlet!), but that's just compared to how I loveloveloveLOVELOVE the Sorkin Era. *swoons*

In other news, I'll be planning my TV-watching Christmas break schedule shortly. I'm planning at least two episodes an evening (I have no life) of TV shows eps from various TV shows that have to do with various winter holidays/winter in general, and I'm going to try and convince Mom and Jenny to watch with me. TV shows involved: The West Wing, House, The X-Files, MST3K, and 3rd Rock. 

Funny thing is, I love reading more than I do watching TV (until about a year ago when I discovered MST3K, I essentially never watched TV at all), but you'd never know it from the way I babble on about various TV shows here. *sigh* On average, I get through three books a week (when I'm reading them one at a time, that is- I usually have tons and tons going at once), but I never talk about them. I'll try and do that more. (Of course you know I really won't.)
Pathetic-ness is fun.

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House Season 2 comes out in two days! w00tw00t! And Season 3 starts... the 5th, I think (that would be of September, dahlings). Huzzah. 

I was watching "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" last night (which, compared to many of the later episodes (like "Rain King". Blech) is actually fairly decent. Plus, it guest-stars Debbie Fiderer Lily Tomlin. Scully, however, is still her post-Emily, more sarcastic, less cool self. Some people (read: House) are awesome when they are sarcastic... Scully, however, just comes off as a jerk. 
I do wonder what Mulder and Scully gave each other at the end, when they were exchanging gifts. Mulder's present from Scully was just a regular old square shape, so it could have been any number of things (I bet it was a book. Scully would TOTALLY give him a book), but Scully's was long and cylindrical. My best guess is that it was a salami, though I suppose it could have been a dildo or something. 

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