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OH HEY REMEMBER ME? I completely checked out on putting up an entry about my last day in Iceland. Granted, I pretty much got up and then went straight to the airport, so this is mostly going to be an excuse to show off pictures of Greenland and Canada that I took from the plane.

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And that's all! After getting into Logan I fooled around for a while waiting to be picked up (there was a cool kinetic sculpture near the baggage checks that amused me for a while). Then we went to IHOP and I regaled my parents with stories. Whoooo.
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Like my train trip in April, I'm ending up finishing these entries days after I've already returned home.

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I'll put an entry up for my last day (I've been lazy; the pictures haven't even hit Facebook yet) later today or maybe tomorrow. ... Probably. I'll do it eventually, anyway.
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Yesterday was my favorite day so far. I went on a Super Jeep tour that took us off-road and into places that most people can't go-- namely, right up to the foot of Eyjafjallajökull in the Þórsmörk valley.

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And so ends my favorite day in Iceland!
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Maybe for the rest of my entries I'll just do them the day after, so that I don't have to think about saying up late to write them up.

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So, like I said, slow day. Today's entry will likely come tomorrow!
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Sorry this is late! After uploading ALL OF THE PICUTRES (ALL OF THEM) to Facebook last night, I was too tired to write up a journal entry, especially since yesterday was another pretty busy day. I'm glad that my camera was behaving and allowing me to take a buttload of pictures, but that did mean that it took ages to get them all online.

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And so that was yesterday! After the tour I went down near the Old Harbour area to have dinner (at Thai Reykjavík again, of course), and then I went into the visitor's center and got an Eyjafjallajökull t-shirt for Jenny (she would probably never wear it, but whatever). Then I went back to the hostel and began my battle to upload ALL THESE PICTURES.
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Busy day today!

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We got back a little less than an hour ago, and I'm tiiiiiiiired. Going to take a shower and head to bed! Don't be surprised if my entry tomorrow starts out "So I woke up at noon..."
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Another slow day today! It's Sunday, so the buses were on a reduced schedule. In the morning, I went down to an area called Grandi to Elko Electronics, where I hoped I'd be able to get a memory card reader so I could transfer my pictures to my laptop. And surprise, I got one! It took a while to get back because I couldn't figure out what exactly the Sunday bus schedule was, but I went back into the store and they let me use a computer to check the bus website and figure it out. (Apparently the Sunday schedules are the same as the holiday schedules, but they don't say that on the signs posted near the bus stops or on the brochures.)

Can I just say that I love the Reykjavík public bus system? It's all very well-organized, and even though the route maps and such are all in Icelandic, they're still fairly easy to read and figure out. The drivers I've encountered have also all been very nice and helpful; if I'm not sure what stop I need or what bus to catch, they've always either had an answer for me or been able to radio someone else and ask them.

Anyway, after that, I went back to the hostel to check and see if the memory card reader worked, and it did! So here are my pictures from the past two days before I jump into today.

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And that was basically it-- I got back to the hostel a little earlier than usual and just did some stuff here (the northern lights tour was cancelled again!). And now I'm tired so I'm going to finish this up and go to bed.
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The wireless connection is being weird and the French and British high school groups have turned the lounge into a rave party, so clearly this is the best possible time for me to write up this entry.

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First of all, I'm starting this post by saying I wish LJ Juggler would work I'm 99% sure I forgot my camera cord, so while I'm taking lots of pictures I won't actually be able to upload them until I get home. But anyway, I arrived today, and even though I've been doing a lot of resting I'm still surprised that I'm not more tired than I am. Because my four-and-a-half-hour flight left Boston at 9:30PM and arrived in Keflavík at 6:20AM (ten minutes early, whoooo), I obviously didn't get much sleep. The bus ride to Reykjavík took about forty minutes, but I wasn't able to actually check into my room at Reykjavík City Hostel until 2PM. Luckily, they let me store my suitcase and hang around using whatever hostel facilities that I wanted, so I sat and read/used the free wireless for a while, then opted to walk a ways towards the center of the city to find breakfast instead of just eating it there. (I had yoghurt and a chocolate croissant at a convenience store, which was ~*obviously*~ super healthy.)

I didn't really do too much walking because I was (... and still am, sob) fairly fatigued; the city center is about a half hour on foot from the hostel, and I only walked about fifteen minutes each way. On the way back from breakfast I sat and read on some rocks near the ocean, which was pretty cool (and actually not too cold because I was wearing a sweatshirt and sat on my coat). After going back and sitting in the hostel lounge for a couple more hours I bought a bus pass and rode around the city for a while. I was intending to go to the BSÍ (the main bus terminal) to turn in my tour voucher for tickets, but I accidentally missed my stop and stayed on for a bit longer before switching buses and doubling back. This was actually pretty cool, because I got to see more of the city and eavesdrop on gossiping Icelandic teenagers coming back from school (does it count as eavesdropping if you can only understand a little bit of what they're saying?). After that I could finally check into my room, where I met my current roommates: a college student/National Guardsman from Pennsylvania named Lacey, and an older German woman whose name I can't remember at the moment. They were both pretty cool and I talked to Lacey for quite a while before doing more mundane stuff like showering and getting online and reading (by the way, I started and finished the book Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman; it was amazing and I highly recommend it).

After deciding to skip both lunch and dinner because I was too tired to go walking to buy some (sorry, Mom), I waited outside the hostel for about half an hour, waiting for the pickup to my northern lights tour... only to find out from some boys that it had actually been cancelled due to the overcast weather. Oops. Probably should have checked with the hostel desk to see if it was still going before heading outside. The good news is that I was not only able to reschedule it (for tomorrow night), but I was also able to reschedule the glacier climb tour (for October 31st), which I had thought had been cancelled for good instead of just for tomorrow. This is probably a good thing, because it means I won't be staying up until after midnight tonight only to get up at butt o'clock the next day.

Anyway, that's... basically all I did. I realize that that was probably pretty boring to read if you actually got through it all. Hopefully days where I actually do stuff will be more exciting! Until then, go read Pigeon English.
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Can I just say "everywhere"? If I chose one place I'd end up thinking of tons more I'd want to visit just as much, anyway.

If I really have to pick just one I choose the Falkland Islands.
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So I haven't said much about this because I didn't want to get all excited and then disappoint myself if it didn't work out, but I've been looking into cheap flights/hostel stays in places where it's the travel off-season right now. At first I was seriously considering going to Guatemala to volunteer short-term with some building projects at Casa Guatemala (I'd love to volunteer/work somewhere like that long-term too, but it's not really possible at this point in my life for a variety of reasons), but even though I found some really cheap flights, it's still hurricane season until late November, so I ended up abandoning that idea. Thennnn I started looking into Europe, and ended up choosing Iceland, which has flights that are only a little more expensive than some of the Central America ones I found. Today I was finally able to finalize things, and unless something unexpected and horrible comes up, I'll be heading off to Reykjavík for eight days in late October/early November. I'm really, really looking forward to this; you have no idea. I plan on keeping in touch/hopefully doing day-by-day updates the way I did on my train trip-- the hostel I'll be staying at has wireless in the common rooms, as well as some internet-enabled computers if for some reason using mine doesn't work out.

I'm also going to try to get some pictures of Eyjafjallajökull, the volcano that erupted in 2010, for my sister (she likes the name, has named a music composition for school after it, and is proud of the fact that she can pronounce it correctly). I have a couple people friended on here who know her, so don't tell her! It's a surprise. :P
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I kind of want to update this thing more with like... actual substance, but since I tend to talk about day-to-day minutia on Plurk instead now, it'd seem kind of redundant to do it here too. I was going to make an entry about my sister's graduation last week and my ~*feelings*~ on that, but then I was too lazy.

I'm taking the train to Pennsylvania in a little more than a week to see [ profile] rinhriveiel, which should be really really fun, and I don't even care that it's a seven-hour trip because traiiiiiiiiin. Also, major plus: I can bring books and read on trains, which I can't do in a bus or car because I'd get motion sickness JUST FROM GLANCING DOWN AT THE PAGE I AM NOT EVEN JOKING. How do I survive in this world.

And on a completely unrelated note, I was looking at some recent DDD stuff and re-reading this:

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Updated map thanks to my recent trip!

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In before my dad anon-comments to remind me of one I missed.
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My last day of travel.

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So that's it! We got back to Boston that night and I was picked up by my parents. I didn't take as many pictures on the last few days due to the aforementioned insanity (also: the east coast/midwest weren't as exciting to me as everything else because I live on the east coast), but hopefully these last few days' worth weren't a complete disappointment. Thanks for reading!
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Oh hey, remember me? The last few days of my trip were pretty crazy and I didn't get a chance to post pictures or update, so I'm just doing it now... really, really late. Sorry about that.

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Yesterday's pictures, coming somewhat on time (?) for once!

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I was awake for the very first stop in North Dakota too, but since we were about two hours behind schedule, it was already dark and I didn't get any pictures.
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We're starting to head back east now; this day covers northern California through part of Washington state.

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Then night came.
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This is the first day of cell phone photos, due to the aforementioned broken camera. I still think most of them came out pretty well, though!

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That's all for yesterday; more on today coming this evening/tomorrow morning.
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Sorry this entry is so late! LJ's been down for a lot of today, so I haven't gotten a chance to post. Anyway, onward!

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After that my camera broke and I couldn't fix it myself, so future pictures will be cell phone quality.

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