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Mr. LaForce: "Don't move the riser so far over-- you'll squash Andy's hand."
Kathy: "Actually, that would be a good idea..."

Seriously, I'm continuously amazed by the things I find. Case in point:

Cut for like five embedded videos. )

I can't believe I'm not the only person who remembers some of these things.
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 Dear TV Show Network That Shall Not Be Named:

Please to be not  lying on the program guide and telling me that something is on when it isn't. I was planning on watching that! You annoy me. 


PS: You'd better not be lying about the thing I want to watch tomorrow, too- I'm almost as interested in seeing that as I was with the thing today.
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 Fairly soon, I am going to go watch "Indians in the Lobby" to see if I can find a quote to use as my title/opening statement for my Ameri Lit essay (about the portrayal of Native Americans in Romantic Era literature). I'll credit, of course. Using a quote to open an essay is an awesome idea, which I totally stole from this random kid who graduated a few years ago. Yeah. But not only does it take up space (*cough*), it's creative and innovative, too! (Well, not really, considering people do it all the time. But, you know, still.)
But by using a quote from "Indians in the Lobby", I'll be spreading the West Wing love! w00t! 

Oh yeah, and House last night (episode: "Something Judas". "Finding Judas", I think)? Poor Cuddy. I was like, "Awww..." the entire time. The opening scene with the laser pointer was funny, though. (Told you I had the maturity/sense of humor of a prepubescent boy.)

In other news... I'm going to see if I can't catch Bones (a show which I have never before seen) at 8 tonight. The little blurb about it during House-commercials last night sparked my interest. Something about an alleged ghost-which in the woods, I think- it sounded very X-Files-ish. Hee hee.

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