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... Huh. I'm wondering if this Writer's Block was chosen for today on purpose.
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Can I just say "everywhere"? If I chose one place I'd end up thinking of tons more I'd want to visit just as much, anyway.

If I really have to pick just one I choose the Falkland Islands.


Oct. 10th, 2011 01:43 am
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I think the world is too big for that. But I also think that things can (will?) be a lot better than they are now.
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(This is supposed to say "9/11: Where Were You?", but that part got cut out for some reason.)

Sixth grade, at school. I lived in Plainsboro, New Jersey at that time (about an hour away from NYC), so I'm actually pretty surprised that I didn't know way more people who were affected by it. I wasn't really affected much, myself-- my aunt (Dad's sister) lived in Manhattan, and so I went down to the main office to see if I could try to reach her, but I wasn't all that worried because I doubted she would have been anywhere near the towers.

As for what exactly I remember... I'm pretty sure I was in Mr. McKenzie's science class, and they brought us all out into the sixth grade concourse and told us what had happened. I don't remember how much detail they went into, but I do remember that all my sister heard at school was that there had been "a plane crash".
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"Waaaaaaaaaait, can we get a do-over?"
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I'm sure LJ and Samsung have no ulterior motives for asking this. None at all.
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My favorite answers to this, all taken from here:

"Try not to kill anyone who doesn't deserve it." - [ profile] torimcd
"I wish you no specific harm." - [ profile] the_raff
"I would replace it with a series of grunts and threatening hand motions." [ profile] seanmonster
"Have a nice night!" - [ profile] romankrimker
"I hope you go to hell." - [ profile] raptureraptor
"I hope you fall in a hole and die." - [ profile] haggis_bagpipes
"A nice day. You should have one." - [ profile] flooglebunnies
"I hope the moments following our parting are as pleasant as the feel of sunshine on skin after a cool autumn breeze. May every second be useful, every minute exciting and every hour full of the exciting and useful combinations of minutes and seconds that will henceforth make up your time. May you climb mountains using nothing but your keen sense of smell and enthusiasm for life, may you encounter nothing but kindness and may- Hey... where are you going? Don't leave! I so want to be friends!" - [ profile] arguingvitality
"Cunnilingus is God." - [ profile] zoomeister
"Have fun, don't die." - [ profile] ruralgeekgirl
"Go fuck yourself! :D" - [ profile] xxangelsblood
"Don't you dare have a nice day." - [ profile] malatruse
"K, now GTFO." - [ profile] uttering
"That's what she said." - [ profile] onyxdragonfly10
"It only hurts the first time." - [ profile] wolfy

I stopped at the end of this page if anyone wants to find more.
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Finish a novel.
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Pretty positive, really. I love shopping for school supplies, I love putting my backpack together and arranging my notebooks, and I love using all-new materials. High school made up some of my best years, so that's where the most positive associations lie, but even though I'm taking time off of college because of burn-out my experience there was hardly all negative. I hope that when I end up going back, I'll accumulate even more good memories to add to that.

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Haaaaa this is so weird to have show up because we just had my grandfather's funeral-thing on Saturday.

The best memory I have of my grandfather wasn't actually that long ago-- it was the summer after I was in ninth grade, and my sister and I were at the lake with my parents and my grandparents. We were fooling around on the water with Margot, Sonja, Serena, and a few other random kids, doing things like swamping our canoes and tipping them over, and making a general mess of things. Dad and Grandma got really mad; they said that we were using the canoes improperly, and that it was irresponsible.

But Grandpa just laughed. He thought it was hilarious.

He was always the most laid-back person on my dad's side of the family. I'll miss that.
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I think about the future quite a bit, but what I really think affects my ability to live in the moment is the past. If something good happens, and then it ends, I spend too much time looking back on it nostalgically. If something bad happens, I spend too much time thinking about how I could have done things differently, and ~*what might have been*~. I don't think either of those things are necessarily bad, and I wouldn't say they quite keep me from enjoying the present, but sometimes I worry that it could start happening pretty easily. Case in point: high school versus college. There are good things about both, but sometimes I think the fact that I freaking loved high school and had such a good time there is kind of ruining me for my ~*college experience*~. One of the main things I loved about high school was the small-school atmosphere, and that's distinctly absent in a big state school like the one I go to. If I could get myself to stop internally thinking, "ugh, college classes aren't as funnnnnn because I don't knowwwww anybodyyyyyyy high school was so much betterrrrrr", it'd probably be a lot easier to motivate myself to meet people in my dorm(s), as opposed to in the actual classes like I'm used to. Basically, it's a clash between what I'm used to and what I'm not used to. All in all, I need to get better at dealing with the present and "living in the moment" if I want to make the most of my life-- now, and in the future.
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My name's Hannah, and I actually do really like it. There are other names that I like better, but none of them really seem to... fit me, I guess? The only other name that I can think of that doesn't seem un-me is Miriam (one of my aunt's names), but I don't really like it as much.

I've never really thought about changing my name. I've always been Hannah (except when I'm Iddy :P), and I can't imagine being anyone else.
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Dec. 9th, 2008 05:32 pm
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For the most part, I really only ship things in a cracky way ("LET'S LOOK FOR SUBTEXT FOR LAUGHS YAY :D :D :D"), or I'll just like an already established canon pairing or something, but I rarely think about which characters would go well together and so on. It's just not how I roll, yo. I do have one exception- one that (depending on where I know you from/what fandoms we share, etc.), may or may not be painfully obvious.


(That one exception is TOTALLY Rin/Glorfindel, by the way. OBVIOUSLY. And yes, I still call you Rin. Just. Because.)

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